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There’s a New It Trailer And It’s Terrifying

Watch it if you dare…


    We’re completely terrified by the concept of the new It remake, yet we’re completely obsessed with it at the same time. Oh Stephen King, you evil genius you. Last month, we saw the first trailer for the upcoming remake, and you could say it kinda broke the internet. In just 24 hours, the first It trailer was streamed over 197 million times across the globe, and beat the records to the streaming top spot, kicking The Fate of the Furious off of their podium.

    And now, we have a second trailer for you! (Yay! Or euggggh, depending on your stance on horror movies). This second It trailer focuses mainly on The Loser Club and their entrance into the sewers to try and find their friend. And yes, you will really shout, “DON’T GO DOWN THERE!”

    It trailer

    In true Pennywise form, he appears again in the second trailer – because we just can’t shake him from the trailer, the movie, or our nightmares – but all we get is a small snapshot of his face and his infamous red balloon.

    Stephen King has also teased It fans with a cliffhanger of a tweet after he watched an early cut of the upcoming movie. He said the new remake is a ‘wonderful production’ and it ‘succeeds beyond my expectations.’ Which in Stephen King terms means it’s going to be scary as heck.

    The new remake is set to be released this September, but if you can’t wait that long – just take a look at this trailer (if you dare)…

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