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Is This Latest Heartbreaking Toy Story Fan Theory Legit?!

It would be totally soul destroying…if true.


    We all love a good fan theory – and we love the fact that Disney and Pixar fans get so into the backstories of some of their favorite movies. But have they dug too deep this time, with this Toy Story fan theory?

    Over the past week, a new fan theory surrounding one of the best Pixar movies of all time (you can argue, but it’s totally true) has surfaced – and it’s all about Andy’s dad. We kinda get why. When watching Toy Story, it’s hard to think of anything other than the epic toy story (lol) that’s going on. But when you stop and think, you do begin to wonder…where the heck was Andy’s dad? And why did nobody mention his whereabouts? Not that it really matters, but we have to know every little detail to keep up our uber-Disney fan status.

    This Toy Story fan theory first appeared after artist and toy reviewer, Mike Mozart (yep, that really is his name), took part in a two-and-a-half-hour YouTube Live Stream with the Super Carlin Brothers where he spoke of his friendship to the late Toy Store writer (well, one of), Joe Ranft. According to Mozart, Joe Ranft was the only one who worked on the Toy Story production who could answer the questions everyone had about Andy’s dad. And apparently, he told Mozart the whole story before he died. You know, apparently.

    This Toy Story fan theory about Andy's dad is heartbreaking but is it actually true?

    So here’s the story: When Andy’s father was younger, he contracted Polio, and certain measures had to be taken to protect his family and himself from further infection – so they burned all of his toys (yep, pretty brutal). However, Andy’s dad managed to hide and save his favorite toy, Woody the Cowboy, before the doctors and his parents had the chance to burn him, too. After fighting the disease, Andy Sr. got better, lived a full life and started a beautiful family with Andy’s mother. However, as the years passed and Andy Jr. and Molly grew older, Andy Sr. contracted a post-polio disease and the family had to move out of their house and into Andy Jr.’s grandparent’s house so that his father could be properly taken care of. Unfortunately, Andy Sr.’s health worsened, and on his deathbed, gave his son the key to a chest that contained some of his favorite toys – including Woody and the gang. And so they had a new Andy to cherish.

    Yep, that really is a theory.

    However, since this theory has come about, fans and experts have been pretty skeptical, including Andrew Stanton, another writer on Toy Story who worked alongside Joe Ranft. He took to Twitter to share his response.

    What do you think? Is this Toy Story fan theory legit or just fake news?

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