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Hilarious Photo of King Faisal and Yoda Signing UN Charter Somehow Made it Into Kids Textbooks

This is too much ?


    Wherever you live in the world, we can almost guarantee that your school textbooks will be complete with horrific stock-photos, or grainy photographs of major historical events…but not in Saudi Arabia. This week, students in Saudi Arabia couldn’t contain themselves when Yoda made an appearance in their social studies lesson. No, he didn’t just rock up to teach them how to be a ‘wise one, you are’ or give them a lesson on jedi fighting (although that would be pretty cool). Instead, he turned up alongside their late King Faisal…

    Yep, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    This epic photograph depicts their former King signing the UN Charter with ol’ Yoda for company. Although we’d love to believe Yoda was a huge part in this decision, we can confirm that, alas, he was not – he was busy that day. Now, the embarrassed education ministers in Saudi Arabia are working around the clock to correct all of the textbooks that carry the incorrect photograph and replace them with the photograph that isn’t doctored. Ahmed al-Eissa, from the Ministry of Education, have maintained that he has no idea how the photograph came to land in the books. Well, Yoda works in mysterious ways.

    Yoda and King Faisal signing the UN Charter

    The ministry has began printing a corrected copy of the curriculum and withdrawing the previous copy and formed a legal committee to determine the source of the error to take proper measures.

    Although there’s still no news on how the incorrect photograph was not picked up through the editing process, the artist who doctored the picture in the first place has now been identified. A 26-year-old artist by the name of Abdullah-Al-Sehri has confirmed that he created the image, but played no part in its existence in the textbooks. The artist often merges pop culture and historical photographs together to make quirky and cool photographs that look incredibly realistic. He doctored the King Faisal image because he saw similarities between the two. He has spoken about King Faisal.

    He was wise and was always strong in his speeches. So, I found that Yoda was the closest character to the king. And also Yoda and his lightsaber – it’s all green.

    This would definitely make us more interested in history. Hilarious.

    Yoda has made an appearance in textbooks in Saudi Arabia

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