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Here’s Why Critics Are Gushing Over Blade Runner 2049

As if we need any more reasons to go and see it…


    Okay, so it seems that we’ve been talking about the new Blade Runner 2049 film for yonks now – and IT’S FINALLY COMING OUT THIS WEEK.

    Of course, film critics and those who are important enough to see the film in advance (we’re not there just yet) have already been to see the film, and have got their reviews in for the whole world to see. And you know what? The reviews are bloomin’ amazing. Really. It’s not often critics agree on a movie, and there’s always one person who absolutely hates it, but these guys are actually agreeing for once – which is big news.

    Harrison Ford has wowed critics in Blade Runner 2049

    The new Blade Runner 2049 film takes place 35 years after the original movie, and the sequel has been highly anticipated. Although the original was not unsuccessful, it wasn’t an immediate hit. It wasn’t until a few years later that it truly took off and became a cult classic. So, it seems the new movie is already surpassing the original, and will probably be successful from the outset…judging by these reviews.

    The Financial Times have had their say:

    Watching it is like going to a movie theatre and being told, ‘No, this is actually a space station, and we’re about to take you out of your earthly mind and senses. Blade Runner 2049 isn’t better than Blade Runner, pace some reviewers, since nothing in the science fiction domain could be. But it still astounds. It’s still gloriously, epically mad. Mad with ambition, hubris and defiance of the decent limits of drama and spectacle.

    Entertainment Weekly have also given their opinion:

    Even 35 years after the release of the original Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s future feels like an invention modern cinema is still trying to catch up to.

    Ryan Gosling impresses critics in Blade Runner 2049

    Woah. So it seems Blade Runner 2049 is just as iconic as the original. Alongside the futuristic sci-fi feel to it, the critics have also been praising the work of the actors and actresses involved in the movie. Harrison Ford is…well…he’s Harrison Ford. Ryan Gosling has taken the role and made it completely his own (in an amazing way) and the female cast (including Robin Wright and Ana de Armas) have absolutely smashed it out of the park. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that Denis Villeneuve has done no wrong. It’s a work of genius.

    Ahhhh, we can’t wait to watch it!

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