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HBO Are Making a Fahrenheit 451 Movie Based on the 1953 Novel

Prepare to have your mind blown


    We all love Dystopias, right? Well, HBO loves them too – and they’re soon to be giving us all of our dystopian needs by bringing us one of the most dystopian works of fiction ever written.

    Fahrenheit 451 was first released in 1953, around the time that everyone panicked about… well, everything. What’s new? But this novel has gone down as a cult classic, focusing on a world that outlaws books, with ‘firemen’ running around town making sure that all of the pages go up in smoke. Because of course, who needs to read? Why would we need to read about unapproved ideas? Hint: we do. Which is why we love Fahrenheit 451.

    And if the thought of a movie makes you excited, you’ll be even more excited about who
    they’ve roped in to star in the movie…

    Creed and Fantastic Four star, Michael B. Jordan is set to play the protagonist, Guy Montag – a fireman who starts to question whether setting fire to these books as a career is really the right thing to do. And HBO’s favorite actor, Michael Shannon will play Montag’s commanding fire officer, Captain Beatty. These are the only actors confirmed so far… but it’s still enough to make us pumped for this new movie.

    The new movie is currently being created by screenwriters, Amir Naderi and Ramin Bahrani, and Bahrani will be in the Director’s seat as well. So far, there’s no date as to when the new Fahrenheit 451 will be released, but with the current climate, we can imagine these Dystopian ideals will go down quite well with the general public.

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