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Winnie The Pooh Creator A. A. Milne Biopic ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Poster Released

This’ll make your heart melt… (in a good way)


    The new A. A. Milne biopic, Goodbye Christopher Robin, will follow the real-life story of the Winnie the Pooh writer and his son, Christopher Robin Milne. It will be a story of the dynamic between father and son, and the events that went on to inspire one of the most well-loved children’s stories of all time.

    But just to stop you getting confused, this new biopic has nothing to do with the upcoming Christopher Robin movie starring Ewan McGregor.

    The brand new poster for the Goodbye Christopher Robin biopic has now been released, and it will definitely pull on a few heartstrings:

    goodby christopher robin poster a a milne

    The artistic poster shows A. A. Milne and his son walking hand in hand along the sketch-pad streets of London, and it’s pretty darn adorable. Along with this poster release, we’ve also had some casting news.

    Star Wars and The Revenant actor, Domhnall Gleeson, will star as A. A. Milne in the new biopic and show us the troubled relationship Milne had with Christopher Robin, and their path to writing Winnie the Pooh, all the while trying to rekindle their relationship. Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie will star alongside Gleeson as his wife.

    Goodbye Christopher Robin will also feature the talents of Kelly Macdonald, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Will Tilston as Christopher Robin – his first ever acting gig.

    As well as its all-star cast, the new biopic will also be in suitable hands. Using the script written by popular children’s author, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Goodbye Christopher Robin will be directed by Simon Curtis who seems pretty confident about their new project.

    I am delighted to be collaborating with Frank Cottrell Boyce to tell the remarkable and poignant story of the family behind the creation of Winnie the Pooh. We are assembling a wonderful cast, headed by two actors I am longing to work with – Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie.

    Goodbye Christopher Robin will be in theaters on November 10, 2017.

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