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Goldie Hawn is BACK in Snatched With Amy Schumer and It’s Comedy Gold

Welcome back, Goldie!


    Sometimes you just need a little rest and a good vacation to recharge your acting batteries and to come back with a bang. And that’s exactly what Goldie Hawn has done. Although that didn’t mean we didn’t cry everyday because we missed her on our screens… anyone else do that? Just us? Okay….

    It’s been almost fifteen years since Goldie Hawn was last seen on the big screen, when she appeared in the 2002 movie, The Banger Sisters. And we missed her. Apart from winning her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and being Kate Hudson’s mother (so jealous), Hawn had been living a pretty low-key life with her hubby, Kurt Russell. But now she’s back on our screens with Amy Schumer in Snatched, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

    The new movie will focus on the mother-daughter pair, who embark on a non-refundable trip to South America – but of course, it doesn’t really go to plan. The two find themselves on the run after they get kidnapped and held for ransom. As you do. But in true Hollywood fashion, the Liam-Neeson-taken-story doesn’t last too long, and despite the unfortunate circumstances the two bond over their experiences and live happily-ever-after blah blah blah. Just kidding, it really is funny.

    When asked about her return to Hollywood, Goldie Hawn said:

    It was time to come back, but the hook was mostly Amy, plus the script, plus the fact it’s mainly focused on two women in the lead roles. You don’t get that in Hollywood all that often.


    Welcome back, Goldie!

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