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Ghostbusters Director & Producer Ivan Reitman Reveals Plans For Future Films

Who you gonna call? Ivan Reitman for more Ghostbuster action!


    Let’s be honest, we all love the original Ghostbusters movies, and we (kinda) liked last year’s Ghostbusters remake – and according to Ivan Reitman, it seems there could be more Ghostbusters action in the near future.

    ghostbusters ivan reitman

    Original Ghostbusters director and producer, Ivan Reitman has confirmed in a new interview that the Ghostbusting isn’t over just yet.

    What we’ve been doing a lot is thinking about the franchise rights for Ghostbusters. Because Ghostbusters, that idea doesn’t have to just take place in New York, it can happen over the world.

    Does this mean we could be getting something strange LITERALLY in our neighborhood? He goes on to say:

    I think it would be really cool to see Korean ghosts or Chinese ghosts. All those great traditions in the world have all these tales and things those people are afraid of. To have a sort of local group of Ghostbusters that tie with the head office in New York would be fun.

    At the moment, Reitman has no official plans in place or a timescale of when he’d like these new movies to start shooting – but we’re definitely up for this. As he continued the interview, he assured Ghostbusters fans that these new movies within the franchise would ‘tie the world’s together’ rather than producing stand-alone storylines. But of course, Sony needs to sign off on these ideas before they really take off, so we won’t get too excited just yet…

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