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FINALLY a New Disaster Artist Trailer Means We Can Stop Watching the Old One on Repeat

Can December 1 hurry up, please?


    A few months ago, we shared the first official trailer for the widely anticipated movie, The Disaster Artist. And it rocks. Have we been watching the trailer on repeat for the past four months? Yes. Have we been shouting ‘I DID NAAAAAAAAT! Oh, hi Mark’ at every opportunity? Indeed we have. Luckily, we now have something new to obsess over, because the second official trailer has FINALLY been released.

    There is some major squealing going on in the office right now.

    If you remember rightly, The Disaster Artist will follow the life of the infamous Tommy Wiseau and his attempts to create ‘The Room’ – a movie which has been widely reported as the worst movie in existence. Considering there are some pretty awful movies in the world, that is one heck of an achievement. Despite the (ridiculously) negative reviews of ‘The Room,’ this weird and wacky movie has built up an impressive cult following in later years. Because of this, James Franco decided to work his legendary magic on the cinematic universe, to bring us the behind-the-scenes backstory of Wiseau and his work.

    Naturally, James Franco will star as Wiseau – and he’s enlisted the help of his brother, Dave Franco to play the line producer, Greg Sestero (who, incidentally, wrote the book this movie is based on). Last week, the brothers actually revealed James directed a large portion of The Disaster Artist in character as Wiseau – which basically confirms that he is just the coolest guy ever. But of course, the Franco brothers won’t be alone. They will also be joined by an all-star cast, including Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, and Zac Efron.

    As much as we absolutely loved the first trailer for The Disaster Artist, this new trailer has got us even more excited for the December 1 release date. Rather than focusing on the filming and production of ‘The Room,’ this new snippet has given us an insight into the personal relationship between Wiseau and Sestero. And it looks like a heck load of fun. Well, enough of us jibbering on – check out the trailer for yourself:

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