Emotional movie songs that give us all the feels

You’re probably gonna need some tissues for this one


    Who doesn’t love a good cry when they go to the movies? Films have a habit of playing on our emotions, and if they can get you blubbering like a baby, then you know they’ve done a good job. Of course, they usually only manage this because of the music they use. Some emotional movie songs never fail to get the waterworks going, and we can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not. At least we know what to listen to if we ever need to just let it all out.

    I’ll Never Love Again (A Star Is Born)

    We first heard “I’ll Never Love Again” before we’d even seen the latest adaptation of “A Star Is Born.” It instantly got to us. Lady Gaga’s gorgeous vocals and lyrical genius blend together beautifully on this track about losing someone you love. The song becomes even more powerful when you see it performed at the end of the movie. The weight of Ally’s words cut straight to the heart when she pours everything out after losing Jackson. It makes the track a real standout on what is already a brilliant soundtrack.

    Want to hear a fun – and devastating – fact? Gaga actually filmed the scene of her performing this song straight after one of her childhood friends passed away. The emotion you see is not just for her fictional lover; it’s for a real-life lost. We’re not crying; you are.

    Reflection (Mulan)

    There were two versions of “Reflection” produced for the 1998 animated movie “Mulan” – one by Lea Salonga, the other by Christina Aguilera. The former was used for the actual film, featured at a time when the protagonist is at her lowest point. The lyrics about wanting to be her true self are something that so many people can relate to, even after all these years. Those words only become more powerful when combined with Aguilera’s incredible vocal skill on the single version of the song. Surely we can’t be the only ones who turn it up to full volume when looking in the mirror and asking, “when will my reflection show who I am inside?”

    I Will Always Love You (The Bodyguard)

    Whitney Houston had plenty of memorable tracks throughout her career. However, it’s her cover of “I Will Always Love You” that always comes to mind when people think of the singer. Houston performed the song beautifully, adding the right level of emotional vulnerability to her impressive voice. Whitney was more than capable of giving it 110% the whole way through, but she saved the powerful approach until the end. She made it the kind of booming ballad you yearn to hear in a movie like “The Bodyguard.” It fit the film perfectly.

    Another fun – and less devastating – fact: this song actually came courtesy of Dolly Parton. The country singer initially wrote it for her former mentor and co-star Porter Wagoner when she left his show. Not everyone knows that about the track because her version wasn’t nearly as successful as Houston’s.

    When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)

    Despite being about toys that come to life, the “Toy Story” movies are some of the saddest films out there. Sure, they’re full of laughs, but every so often, they grab your heart and rip it right out of your chest. That’s what the second movie did when it gave us Jessie’s backstory to the tune of Sarah McLachlan’s “When She Loved Me.” The vocals are hauntingly beautiful, and the lyrics incredibly poignant – a combination that absolutely breaks our hearts. No wonder it was nominated for a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. This scene in the movie is almost destined to give you abandonment issues, whether you like it or not.

    My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

    We’re not sure if any emotional movie songs are more iconic than Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.’ Not only is it a sweeping ballad full of heartbreaking highs and emotional lows, but it also comes at the end of one of the saddest moments in movie history. We’ll never be able to forget that final farewell between Jack and Rose because the song reminds us of it so much. If there ever comes a day when this outstanding track doesn’t reduce us to tears, we’ll let you know. However, for now, it continues to tug at our heartstrings in the best way possible.

    Final fun – and this time surprising – fact: Céline Dion didn’t want to record the song at first. She thought it would be a flop, and she wanted to avoid being typecast as a movie theme singer. However, her husband convinced her to record a demo, and that ended up being used in the film.


    We’re not saying you should put on a movie just to make yourself cry. However, if you ever do watch – or rewatch – any of these great films, you should probably have a couple of tissues spare, just in case. These emotional movie songs might just break your heart.