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These are ALL of Disney’s Live-Action Remakes Due To Be Released

And we can’t wait!

    With the recent success of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson (if you haven’t seen it yet – go and see it. There are no words), it’s no wonder Disney is set to bring even more of the classic animated fairy tales to life. And we can’t help but be excited. Disney has already proven themselves to be more than capable with their live-action representations of the likes of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent that we can’t wait to see what they have coming up. Take a look at all of the Disney live-action remakes due to be released…

    The Lion King

    Oh, we just can’t wait to be (watching the) Kinggggg! The Lion King is a firm favorite among Disney fans. The music, the animals and the (incredibly sad) story made for a box-office hit. And it seems there’s a live-action remake in the making…


    Jon Favreau who brought The Jungle Book to life will be creating the 21st-century take on the animated movie, and it’s even been fast-tracked into production (yay!) Although there’s no release date just yet, it’s set to include cutting edge technology and CGI.


    Everyone loves Mulan. And what’s not to love? The woman who defies her stigma to become a warrior and saves all of China? Come on; the animated movie was genius. And in 2015, Disney bought a script to bring the animated version of Mulan to life. And we can’t wait.

    Big Budget Production

    The real-life adaptation of Mulan is going to be directed by Niki Caro. The New Zealander has directed films like Whale Rider and new movie, The Zookeeper’s Wife. And this movie has great expectations because of its huge budget of over $100 million.

    Caro and Mulan Reppin’ for the Girls

    Niki Caro is only one of five women in the world to direct a movie with a budget over $100 million. So she and Mulan are pretty much on the same page… Caro is a woman who has $100 million to play with to ensure she doesn’t feel the wrath of hard-core Disney fans, and Mulan was a woman who had to save China. No biggie.


    Aw, Dumbo. He was so cute. The 1941 animated movie followed the life of the young elephant, Dumbo, who gets bullied because of his rather large ears. Don’t worry, Dumbo, we just see them as character building…

    A Tim Burton Special

    But it seems the animated movie is soon going to be brought to life – by none other than Tim Burton. As the man who brought us the Alice in Wonderland remakes, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, we have high expectations for his live-action remake. No pressure, Tim.

    No Animals Will Be Harmed…

    According to sources, Burton will thankfully not be using real elephants – but will use a mixture of live-action film and CGI to bring Dumbo and his animal friends to life. There is no current release date, but we will be waiting patiently to hear more…


    Remember 101 Dalmatians? Oh, how we loved the cute little doggies and how we hated ol’ Cruella de Vil! But it turns out being an evil villain has its perks – including your own movie. And it seems like Emma Stone wants a bit of the Disney action, as she’s in early negotiations to play Cruella herself.

    Pre-Doggy Killing Days

    It is said that Kelly Marcel (behind the likes of Saving Mr. Banks) is working on the Cruella script, which is said to focus on the earlier days of Cruella de Vil where she was a younger, nicer and more sympathetic character. We know, it’s pretty hard to believe.

    The Sword In The Stone

    The Sword in the Stone was an actual historical marvel and is a Disney classic. The animated movie focuses on the life of the young King Arthur, taking lessons with the (awesome) wizard, Merlin and of course…(SPOILER) him taking the sword out of the stone. But the 1963 animated version is going to be given a bit of a re-vamp…

    Bryan Cogman Screenplay

    A live-action remake is apparently on the Round Table, and it is said that Bryan Cogman will be writing the screenplay for the movie. As much as this is fantastic news, we’re a little worried about Bryan’s previous history…

    No GoT-Like Deaths Please

    Bryan Cogman is known for his writing and directing work on the HBO TV series, Game of Thrones. Now, we’re big fans of Game of Thrones, but we hope it doesn’t contain certain ‘elements’ of the show in the live-action remake. Otherwise, our childhoods will be ruined…


    Pinocchio always wanted to be a real boy… and now he’s getting his wish. Disney is set to be in the process of reworking the 1940s animation. It is said that the new remake will be loosely based on the original story of the famous marionette.

    About a Boy Writer

    The script is said to be written by Peter Hedges who brought you the likes of About A Boy and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and will focus more on the themes of father and son relationships and honesty. Unfortunately, there aren’t any dates in the pipeline yet.

    Snow White

    We all love to whistle why we work, and the writers of a new Snow White live-action remake will probably be doing the same. Snow White is a huge Disney hit and is one of the most well-known and classic Disney stories.

    La La Land Lyrics

    It is said that the new live-action remake will include new music and songs, created by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul who are famous for writing the lyrics and music for the hit movie, La La Land. With those kind of employees, we’re expecting big things, Disney.

    Rose Red

    Rose Red featured in Grimm’s Fairy Tales and is actually the sister of…(drum roll) Snow White! Who knew Snow White had a sister? But it seems like Rose Red could be coming to the big screen in a live-action movie.

    An Apple a Day…

    According to the fairytale, Rose Red is actually a part of Snow White’s story, and even tried to save her. She collaborates with the Seven Dwarves to save Snow White from her deep sleep after she bites the apple – which kind of questions the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’

    A Kristen Stewart Appearance?

    Evan Daugherty, who wrote the Snow White spin-off, Snow White and the Huntsman, seemingly can’t get enough of the Snow White story. He is now getting in on the Rose Red action, and it seems he’s also got Kristen Stewart involved too…

    The Little Mermaid

    You’ve probably seen the new trailer for the Universal remake of The Little Mermaid, but Disney is also making a live-action movie to rival the production company. And they’ve definitely got the right people on board to make this a hit…

    Original Composer

    Disney has got original Little Mermaid composer and Lin-Manuel Miranda to write a load of new songs for the live-action remake, and we think that’s enough to top Universal. Miranda has previously written the songs for Moana as well as his hit musical, Hamilton, so we reckon he’ll be fine. Oh, and he named his son Sebastian after The Little Mermaid lobster. He’s definitely the right guy for the job.


    This new movie is set to be released in 2017. Tink will follow the life of Peter Pan’s mischievous pixie friend, Tinker Bell and is said to offer a new take on the life and history of the character. And she’s being voiced by the perfect actress…

    Reese Witherspoon 

    It is said that Reese Witherspoon is set to voice the character of Tink – and we think it’s a perfect fit. It’s even been said that she’ll have a hand in directing the movie. Well, we’re excited. We love Peter Pan, but we love Tinker Bell more…

    Chip ‘n’ Dale

    It’s not just the characters from the animated movies that are getting a makeover. Remember the series Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers? The season aired for three seasons and had a huge following, so Disney is now looking to give Chip ‘n’ Dale their own live-action/CGI movie. The concept is in its early stages, so there’s not much to say apart from – nostalgia.

    The Jungle Book 2

    The live-action remake of the 1961 animated The Jungle Book, has already been a huge hit. The 2016 remake went down a treat with Disney fans, but Disney is hungry for more and is now looking into The Jungle Book 2.

    One Step Ahead

    It has been said that before Disney even released their 2016 live-action Jungle Book, they had already decided they were going to make a sequel to the original and had started planning it. Jon Favreau is set to return to direct his the second part of his original live-action movie, so expect bigger and better.


    No, it isn’t a toilet cleaning product. You probably won’t recognize this guy unless you are a hardcore Disney fan. The Chernabog first made his appearance in Fantasia as the demon – one of the darkest characters Disney has ever created. Oooh.

    Scared, Us?

    Although the Chernabog has appeared in ABC’s Once Upon A Time, it is also set to get its own movie. It is said that this movie will be similar to Disney’s Maleficent, telling the villain’s dark backstory. We don’t have any more information at the moment as it’s a relatively new development, but we reckon it will be pretty exciting.

    James and the Giant Peach

    Disney is even looking at creating a live-action remake of everyone’s favorite Roald Dahl story, James and the Giant Peach. It is said that Nick Hornby (who wrote the screenplays for Wild and Brooklyn) is set to write the screenplay. We do love James and the Giant Peach, but can you really beat the original?

    Winnie The Pooh

    Winnie The Pooh was a childhood staple, and you just loved that honey-loving bear. It seems as though Disney want to bring back Winnie for all of the adults and children out there who miss Pooh and his friends.

    Grown Up Christopher Robin

    The first original movie was released in 1966 and was a huge hit. According to sources, the new live-action movie is going to see an adult Christopher Robin go back to the Hundred-Acre Wood to see his old friends. Aw.

    The Genie

    Everyone loves Aladdin, and everyone loves the Genie. So much so, that Disney has decided to give him his own movie! Of course, he won’t be voiced by the late Robin Williams as he was in the original (cries).


    The live-action remake is actually being written as a prequel to Aladdin. The movie will center around the magical Genie in his lamp, how he got there and his life. There are even talks that James Iglehart could play the role of Genie, after his Tony Award for his Broadway portrayal of the character.

    Horror Writers

    It’s said that the script for the live-action Disney movie will be written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon – who have worked together to write the scripts for Freddy vs. Jason, Friday the 13th and O’ Lucky Day. Disney has yet to announce who they want to direct the movie, though, so we don’t see it being released anytime soon…

    Maleficent 2

    Angelina Jolie caused a stir when she joined the cast of Maleficent, and everyone loved what she did with her role as the evil villain from the 1959 animated Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The movie made over $69 million in its opening weekend… so it’s fair to say people liked it.

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