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These are ALL of Disney’s Live-Action Remakes Due To Be Released

And we can’t wait!

    With the recent success of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson (if you haven’t seen it yet – go and see it. There are no words), it’s no wonder Disney is set to bring even more of the classic animated fairy tales to life. And we can’t help but be excited. Disney has already proven themselves to be more than capable with their live-action representations of the likes of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent that we can’t wait to see what they have coming up. Take a look at all of the Disney live-action remakes due to be released…

    The Lion King

    Oh, we just can’t wait to be (watching the) Kinggggg! The Lion King is a firm favorite among Disney fans. The music, the animals and the (incredibly sad) story made for a box-office hit. And it seems there’s a live-action remake in the making…


    Jon Favreau who brought The Jungle Book to life will be creating the 21st-century take on the animated movie, and it’s even been fast-tracked into production (yay!) Although there’s no release date just yet, it’s set to include cutting edge technology and CGI.


    Everyone loves Mulan. And what’s not to love? The woman who defies her stigma to become a warrior and saves all of China? Come on; the animated movie was genius. And in 2015, Disney bought a script to bring the animated version of Mulan to life. And we can’t wait.

    Big Budget Production

    The real-life adaptation of Mulan is going to be directed by Niki Caro. The New Zealander has directed films like Whale Rider and new movie, The Zookeeper’s Wife. And this movie has great expectations because of its huge budget of over $100 million.

    Caro and Mulan Reppin’ for the Girls

    Niki Caro is only one of five women in the world to direct a movie with a budget over $100 million. So she and Mulan are pretty much on the same page… Caro is a woman who has $100 million to play with to ensure she doesn’t feel the wrath of hard-core Disney fans, and Mulan was a woman who had to save China. No biggie.


    Aw, Dumbo. He was so cute. The 1941 animated movie followed the life of the young elephant, Dumbo, who gets bullied because of his rather large ears. Don’t worry, Dumbo, we just see them as character building…

    A Tim Burton Special

    But it seems the animated movie is soon going to be brought to life – by none other than Tim Burton. As the man who brought us the Alice in Wonderland remakes, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, we have high expectations for his live-action remake. No pressure, Tim.

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