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Disney Has Found Their Leading Warrior For Their Live-Action Mulan Remake

She’s getting ready to get down to business…to defeat the Huns!


    Here at RetroEnt, we love everything Disney (well, duh. We are human, after all). Over the past couple of years, the brains behind the brand have got their cogs working to bring us live-action remakes of some of our favorite animations – and of course, we totally dig it. We’ve had the live-action Beauty and the Beast (we love Emma Watson), we’ve had the live-action The Jungle Book (Mowgli is our boy), we’ve got the upcoming live-action The Lion King to look forward to (Beyonce? We’re so there), and we’ve also got the live-action Aladdin and Mulan to get ourselves excited for. For months, we’ve been wondering who would play the lead in Disney’s Mulan…and we now have an answer.

    Drum roll please…

    Liu Yifei will play Mulan in the live-action remake

    Disney’s live-action Mulan will be played by the Chinese actress, Liu Yifei! Yep, after a whole year of searching for their leading warrior, Disney have finally found the perfect woman to defeat the Huns. Liu is often known as Crystal Liu, and has been the ‘Fairy Sister’ of China for years. In fact, the Chinese people absolutely love her (and we can see why). With her innocent face and pure features, Liu rose to fame in the early ‘00s for her role in Chinese television dramas and Chinese movies. Before her too long, Liu was picked up by casting directors in Hollywood and has since appeared in the likes of IP Man 3, The Forbidden Kingdom and Outcast. So basically, she’s a megastar.

    Although she has taken roles in Hollywood blockbusters, her new role as Disney’s Mulan will be her first major English-speaking role – so we’re pretty excited for her. Luckily, Liu will be in good hands, as the live-action remake will be directed by the legend that is Niki Caro. As we all know (because we love her so much), Caro was the driving force behind the adorable and entertaining The Zookeeper’s Wife, so it’s fair to say that she knows what she’s doing.

    Disney have found their lead star

    So far, we’ve not heard much more about the remake, as Caro is keeping pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, but we do know that the live-action version will delve even deeper into the history of the story. There’s no release date for the live-action remake just yet, so we’ll just have to watch the animated version each day until we find out…

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