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Disaster Artist Movie is Being Made, Based on the Making of Hysterically Terrible ‘The Room’

It’s known as the worst film ever made


    When it comes to movies, it can be hard to decide whether something is categorically good, or categorically bad. But when it comes to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room we can 110% confirm that it was downright awful. And now James Franco is making a movie about it called Disaster Artist, because, well… because it’s James Franco.

    The Room was released in 2003 and has since gained a cult following because of its extraordinary nature. It is both really, really terrible but also uniquely fascinating, which seems, to sum up, the unexplainable character of its writer and director.

    disaster artist the room james franco

    Because of this cult following and reputation, James Franco and Seth Rogen are currently in the process of making a movie about the making of this movie (geddit?). After The Room had been released, Greg Sestero (who played Mark in the film) wrote a book about Wiseau called The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, about the making of the movie, and the behind the scenes action. In the book, Wiseau is painted in an extraordinary light – he is both bizarre and cool, both psychotic and normal, and both sympathetic and rude.

    disaster artist the room james franco

    Franco and Rogen are adapting this book into their own Disaster Artist. James Franco will star as the leading man, Wiseau himself, while also directing the whole movie. His brother, Dave Franco will also star alongside his as Sestero. The movie is currently in its final stages and has already been screened earlier this year at South by Southwest – but it shall be released on the big screen in December in the US.

    We’re pretty intrigued.

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