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Fans Weren’t Happy About the Dirty Dancing Remake and Its Twist Ending

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    We were always a bit skeptical about the ABC’s live-action Dirty Dancing remake – and it was all going (kinda) alright before THAT ending.

    You know the phrase – don’t fix what ain’t broke? Well, this really applies here. When we first heard about ABC’s plans to make a live-action remake of the iconic 1987 movie, we were a bit wary. Did we need one? Could they really remake it in the same caliber? And could Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes really live up to Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s chemistry?

    dirty dancing remake

    Well, the show aired on Wednesday night, and the conclusion is… no, no they can’t. But it’s one part of the incredibly awkward and mediocre remake that’s really shaking everyone’s tail feathers (and not in a good way) because ABC just HAD to change the ending, didn’t they?

    The original ending to Dirty Dancing is one of childish glee. Baby and Johnny do their iconic dance at the end of season talent show, she leaves him with a kiss to go off to college and train to be a doctor, and we don’t know whether they do ever find each other again or not, but we dream of them getting married, having babies and living a perfect life and living happily ever after. The end.

    However, ABC wanted to mix things up a bit. And completely change it. Which didn’t need to be done.

    dirty dancing 3

    The beginning of the remake was also slightly different. We see Baby in New York in the future, in 1975, watching a Broadway musical of Dirty Dancing itself – and then we go back in time to the real story. Then, in the end, we cut back to the future, and Baby has just finished watching the show – tears in her eyes. Real emotional. And then she meets Johnny off the stage, where they hug, they exchange pleasantries, and it all gets a bit awkward – especially when she brings out HER HUSBAND AND KIDS. (Which, FYI, aren’t Johnny’s).

    Then, they all walk away with Johnny’s last words, when he calls out to Baby, “Hey, keep dancing.”

    Eugh. That wasn’t meant to happen!

    And (other) fans aren’t happy about it either. And in true form, they’ve united on Twitter.

    What did you think?

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