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The Dirty Dancing Remake Photos Have Been Released and Now We Can’t Wait

We’re having the time of our lives, and we’ve never felt this way before about a remake!


    A Dirty Dancing remake you say? When did this happen? Well, just a short time ago, ABC confirmed that they will be creating an all-new Dirty Dancing movie, a remake of the 1987 cult-classic, that we just couldn’t help but watch 52892 times.

    When the movie was first released in the ‘80s, we became extremely jealous of Baby and Johnny’s relationship, dance moves and shenanigans in the lake – come on, we all tried that lift with our friends way too many times to count. But we always wanted more. What happened after Baby and Johnny danced their last dance? Well, it seems ABC have answered our cries of despair and will be producing an extended remake – and will give us an insight into what happened after the credits rolled in the original movie. As if this wasn’t teasing enough, the production company have now released their first pictures from the new movie. And it’s made us pretty excited.

    We’re always a bit apprehensive about movie remakes. Can they really be better (or even on par with) the original? Do we even need a remake? But from the looks of these pictures, ABC seem to be doing it right.

    Baby will be played by Scream Queen, Abigail Breslin (Or if you haven’t watched Scream Queens, remember Little Miss Sunshine?) in the new movie, and her sultry dance partner, Johnny Castle, will be played Colt Prattes. And we can so totally see those two dancing frolicking in the rain and dancing in a lake – as you do.

    And these two will be joined by some pretty high-profile actresses. Penny (the dancer who Baby takes over from, the woman who becomes pregnant) will be played by none other than the ex-Pussycat Doll, talent show judge and all-around dance and musical genius…Nicole Scherzinger. Scherzinger will be joined on-screen by the Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland (who can really sing!!) as Lisa – Baby’s sister, and J. Quinton Johnson who will be playing the lead singer of the resort band, Marco. Just the picture of him is making us swoon.

    Okay, so we’re not so afraid of this movie being a flop now. These pictures look pretty promising, and the magic still seems to be there. There’s still the motorbikes, the leather jackets, and of course…the dirty dancing.

    I guess we’ll see, but we’re pretty excited.

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