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Dirty Dancing Remake Airs Tonight on ABC But Is It Going to Be Any Good?

Can anyone match Swayze and Gray’s performance?


    Last month we reported on the new ABC Dirty Dancing remake – a live-action remake that follows in the footsteps of the likes of the recent Hairspray (which to be honest, wasn’t that great). And tonight is the night. The three hour (eugh) remake airs tonight at 8pm on ABC. But should you be excited? Should you be expecting the time of your life? Well, the critics have given us their say, and, well… it’s not good.

    The original Dirty Dancing movie will forever go down in cinematic history. When it was first released in 1987, the movie grossed over $210 million in box office revenue, and was the first movie (ever) to sell over 1 million home video copies. And let’s be honest, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were a match made in heaven (and we all tried to replicate their lake-lift, and failed. Drastically). So ABC were pretty brave to pick the movie as their next live-action remake – but they may have been thinking a bit too big for their dancing shoes.

    dirty dancing remake

    Unlike NBC’s recent live-action Hairspray, or Fox’s Grease, the Dirty Dancing remake has been pre-recorded and will not be performed live – so technically, all should go to plan. But so far, critics have had more criticisms than positives. According to early reviews, the remake lacks the passion and connection of the original, Baby and Johnny lack authenticity and the spark of Swayze and Grey, and has unnecessary full cast renditions of the iconic songs.

    Bethanie Butler from the Washington Post is one of the critics to see the pre-recorded musical, saying that,

    By the time Johnny bursts into the performance hall to proclaim that ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner,’ you might well wish that somebody had.


    ABC’s live-action Dirty Dancing airs tonight, so you can see for yourselves…

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