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Deadpool 2 Reveals New Character Domino and She’s Seriously Sassy

It was announced in true Ryan Reynolds style


    As you all know, we love anything Marvel here at RetroEnt – and Deadpool is definitely our fave. Super hot and hilariously funny protagonist? Check. Dark humor that borders on offensive but just about makes the cut? Check. Epic and gory action scenes that make you laugh out loud and try not to throw up at the same time? Check. Awesome love story? Check. Basically, we love it. If you couldn’t tell. So when we found out the news that Deadpool 2 was officially in the works, we began scratching the depths of Hollywood to find out ANY little detail about the sequel.

    Alas, we found nothing. Until now.

    On Monday, Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds gave us the first glimpse into the weird and wacky mind of the Marvel Heads and the upcoming movie – revealing a NEW CHARACTER! So without further ado, give a warm welcome to Domino!

    Yep, there’s a new sassy female character joining the Deadpool cast, and we’re living for it. Domino will be played by actress Zazie Beetz – and it looks like she was made for the role. With her seductive costume and stance, you almost don’t realize what she’s laying on… Ooops, sorry Deadpool.

    Domino was introduced to Marvel comics in the same issue as Deadpool himself, in the 1991 ‘New Mutants #98’ and from the sounds of it, she may be causing some trouble. With the same (nonexistent) moral high ground as Deadpool himself, the pair either team up or battle against each other in epic action scenes (which we can’t wait to see, BTW). And with Domino’s superpower, we reckon Deadpool may have finally met his match…

    According to her Marvel Comic character biography, Domino has the ability to, “subliminally and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable (not not impossible) things to occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have ‘good luck’ and her opponents to have ‘bad luck.’


    We can’t wait to see Domino in action.

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