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Creed 2 Has FINALLY cast Ivan Drago’s Son, And He Is A Beast

Apollo vs. Big Nasty. Who will win?


    When it comes down to it, Rocky is one of THE BEST movie franchises ever made. Yuh-huh, you know it’s true! Here at RetroEnt, we’re obsessed with every single one of the films, and if we could get in the ring and throw a few punches, we totally would. Unfortunately, we’re writers, so our fitness levels aren’t quite on par with Sylvester Stallone – and we hate ourselves every day because of it *sobs*. Yet, just because we can’t fight like Rocky doesn’t mean we can’t love the movies, bring you epic news regarding the film franchise, bring you movies like Rocky for the thrill of the fight, and bring you exciting new developments in the world of Creed. You can say it, we’re the greatest.

    Romanian Boxer Cast In Creed 2

    A couple of months ago, we revealed that the one and only Sylvester Stallone would be producing and directing the second instalment in the Creed universe, Creed 2. It’s believed that this new movie will take inspiration from the (incredible) Rocky IV, with Michael B. Jordan starring as Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis Johnson. Of course, no film within the Rocky universe would be complete without a *bit* of fighting, and fans have been wondering for months now who Adonis would be fighting in the ring. FINALLY, we have an answer, and it’s a good’un.

    In a new casting revelation, Creed 2 has confirmed that Florian Munteanu will be starring in the movie, as Ivan Drago’s son, who will serve as the main antagonist. Of course, we all know who Drago is. Portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, Ivan Drago appeared in Rocky IV, and broke all of our hearts when he killed Apollo Creed. Although Dolph will reprise his role in Creed 2, it seems as though the main focus will be on a match between Michael B. Jordan and Florian Munteanu. However, Jordan will have a tough job on his hands, as Ivan Drogo’s son is an absolutely BEAST.

    Creed 2 Has FINALLY cast Ivan Drago's Son, And He Is A Beast
    As a famous Romanian boxer by trade, Florian Munteanu is often known by the nickname of ‘Big Nasty’ – and we’ve heard that he is a tough cookie in the ring. As a real boxer, Florian will obviously have a major advantage over his competitor for the physical fight, but he might find acting a little harder. In fact, Creed 2 will only be his second foray into the world of acting, after a debut in a German short movie. Nevertheless, we have complete faith in him!

    It’s thought that Creed 2 will be filming shortly, as the movie is expected to be released in November this year…just enough time to rewatch all of the other Rocky movies.

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