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The Craft Reboot Hires a New Writer

To make this reboot bigger and better


    Sony seems to be on a roll with their ‘90s remakes and reboots, with the upcoming release of the all new Jumanji and Flatliners, and it doesn’t look like they’re close to stopping anytime soon. Their newest venture is bringing The Craft; the ‘90s favorite back onto our screens.There has been talk about a remake of the movie for the past few years after the project landed it’s director, Leigh Janiak. But nothing has since materialized – until now.

    the craft remake reboot writer

    The original film was co-written and directed by the legend, Andrew Fleming, and followed the lives of a group of witches (so ‘90s it hurts) and another girl who befriends them. But it’s said that this new movie won’t be a remake. Instead, it will almost be a sequel, as it will follow on from the original Craft movie, twenty years later.

    After a few years of quiet, the project has now come to the forefront of nostalgia film buffs attention (i.e., us) after Sony announced that they had brought a new writer into the mix. Although the script for the new movie has already been written, they have brought along Daniel Casey (10 Cloverfield Lane writer) to sharpen it up and make it into a hit.

    Keep your eyes peeled.

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