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CHiPS – the 70s Cop Show Remake – is Getting a Seriously Hard Time from Critics

Another reboot bites the dust?


    So you’ve probably heard the news by now that CHiPS has got its very own big-screen remake. And yes, it’s another remake of your favorite ‘70s/’80s TV series, and yes, it’s had pretty bad reviews.

    The show originally aired from September 1977 and ran until 1983, and focused on the lives of two motorcycle officers from the California Highway Patrol. It was the kind of crime drama that you watched when it was on, and it gave us a good laugh, was very lighthearted, but did not need a remake. That’s for sure.

    It was a very popular TV show back in the day, and made its main stars, Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada extremely famous. But even Larry has said some pretty bad things about the trailer – including a quote which compared the movie to a soft adult movie version of Dumb and Dumber. Oooh-er.

    Long-story-short, the remake is being reviewed as yet another mediocre remake that didn’t need to happen. The original TV show was lighthearted and aimed at everyone who liked to watch an easygoing show. But from its reviews, the new movie doesn’t carry that same theme. Instead, it’s been (ruthlessly) said that only teenage boys would find this mildly entertaining. Ouch.

    The bad reviews come as a shock, considering it’s high-profile cast. The movie was written, directed, and stars Dax Shepard, and also stars Kristen Bell and Michael Pena. Despite this, it’s been classed as a pretty standard plot line, that follows the typical ‘buddy movie’ storyline – which, let’s be honest, has been done one too many times.

    But we have to give credit where credit is due, because the reviews haven’t been all bad (but they are about 90% bad). It’s been said that the movie does carry some impressive motorcycle stunts, dangerous shoot-outs and even contains a severed head at some point in the movie.

    But apparently, these good parts just don’t overshadow how bad it really is. The women are portrayed as they would be seen through the eyes of a frisky teenage boy, and everything is just a bit tame.

    We have to say though, good on them for trying. But unfortunately, most remakes do flop. And this one has been one of those floppers. The phrase – don’t fix what isn’t broke, comes to mind. We liked CHiPS the way it was, thank you very much.

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