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What the Coyote Ugly Cast Look Like 19 Years On!

Well they’re not ugly, that’s for sure

    There are some movies that make us ridiculously happy, and it’s fair to say that Coyote Ugly deserves a place on that rather short list. After all, our ice hearts can only love a limited number of things at once. It may be hard to believe that this movie came out nearly two decades ago, but you really are that old (don’t worry, we are too!). Yep, we watched Violet and the gang strut their stuff on the bar of Coyote Ugly in 2000, and our lives have never been the same since. In our eyes, this movie has become somewhat of a cult classic. It’s our go-to movie whenever we need a little cheering up, and it’s our go-to movie when we realize that social interaction is kinda important – but going outside just doesn’t seem like an option. Fictional characters totally count as friends, right?

    Although we class the cast of Coyote Ugly as our friends, a lot has changed since 2000. The world has changed, we have changed, and the cast themselves have changed. Sure, the movie wasn’t exactly met with rave reviews when it was released, but have those negative reviews changed the course of their career? Or has our intense love for the most famous bar in the world helped them fight the moonlight for another day? Well, put on your dancing shoes and warm up your vocal cords, because you’ll soon see for yourself. This is what the cast of Coyote Ugly are up to now…

    Bridget Moynahan as Rachel – Then

    Let’s be honest; nobody could rock a leather vest and snakeskin flares like Rachel, and we kinda still hate/love her for being our ultimate ‘00s style icon. Eugh, we love this outfit. It should come as no surprise to learn that Bridget Moynahan worked a model before her time on Coyote Ugly (I mean, do we even need to tell you that?).

    After taking the modeling world by storm, she eventually transitioned into the world of acting and bagged her movie debut as Rachel. This brunette beauty worked alongside the Coyote Ugly ladies in the bar, but she always had a chip on her shoulder. Not the tasty kind, either.

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