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Bride of Frankenstein Gets Reboot Date and Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’ Confirms Killer Cast

The Dark Universe will be pretty star-studded


    All of the big production companies are creating their own universe – and Universal is getting on board too. In the latest addition to their ‘Dark Universe,’ Universe have confirmed a release date for a new reboot – Bride of Frankenstein – and their killer cast (both metaphorically and literally).

    The new Bride of Frankenstein is set to be released in theaters on February 14, 2019, and will be directed by Bill Condon. The chairman of Universal has described their brand new project as the “story of a very modern woman in a very classic tale.” So far, they’ve yet to find the bride, although there are rumors that Angelina Jolie is in talks for the part…

    angelina jolie bride of frankenstein

    The new reboot will add to Universal’s Cinematic monster universe, after The Mummy is released on June 9th. And we have to be honest; this movie also has a killer cast – think Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, and Sofia Boutella. But it seems the characters within the Dark Universe will mesh together and merge within their movies, and Universal have released the full lineup:

    universal dark universe bride of frankenstein reboot

    I mean, how amazing are these Dark Universe stars? Johnny Depp is set to star in The Invisible Man, Tom Cruise will take the lead role in The Mummy as Nick Morton, Russell Crowe will star in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Sofia Boutella will shine next to Tom Cruise in The Mummy, and Javier Bardem will be fantastic we’re sure as Frankenstein’s Monster. Amazing.

    It’s said that Crowe’s character of Dr. Jekyll will be the linking character between all of the movies in the Dark Universe, and we’re so okay with that.

    And if this doesn’t make you excited enough, check out Universal’s epic logo and sizzle reel for the equally epic Dark Universe:

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