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Blade Runner 2049 Has a New Trailer and Wait… Is That an Atari Logo?

Yep, you heard that right. Atari in the year 2049.


    Last week, we reported on the awesome new posters for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie. And now we have more.

    Yesterday, the first trailer (apart from the teaser) for the new movie was released – and it was just as awesome as we imagined it to be. But there’s a shot in the trailer that has got everyone talking.

    Denis Villeneuve has done an impressive job with the new movie and the trailer (obviously), but it’s one of the first scenes that catches our eye. If you look closely, you can see a car speeding down a road – surrounded by skyscrapers, and Atari logos. Are we back in the ‘80s?

    Well, we know that we can’t have gone back in time, considering the new Blade Runner is set in the year 2049 – so what are they still doing about? Does anyone still have an Atari console? And why are they still in Blade Runner 2049?

    It seems that the inclusion of the logo is a cool, retro throwback to the original Blade Runner movie. The initial movie was released back in 1982 when the Atari console was all the rage (If you remember playing on one, sorry but that means you’re pretty retro too). Ridley Scott, the original director, decided to include the likes of Atari, Cuisinart, and Pan Am on the billboards in the movie, because he was expecting them to still be in our future in 2019 – which, unfortunately, was one thing he got wrong. Especially in our world.

    blade runner 2049 trailer

    But it makes sense for Villeneuve to carry on the tradition, because, in Blade Runner terms, Atari still COULD be a huge player in the business. Especially since the new trailer tells us that Rick Deckard’s world hasn’t really advanced since 2019 (we know, the whole year thing is pretty confusing). So to put it simply, thirty years on – not much has changed.

    Of course, this is all speculation, and there’s no telling whether this is just a cool throwback or something with more meaning. But we can’t wait to watch the new Blade Runner 2049 movie and find out for ourselves.

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