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Ben Affleck in New Batman Trilogy? Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online…



    As much as we hate to adopt the phrase of He Who Shall Not Be Named, we have to brandish some rumors as simply #FAKENEWS. When it comes to Hollywood, there are rumors and spies everywhere (it really is like Mean Girls in real life. Hollywood is so not fetch) that get out of hand quicker than a Marvel vs. DC debate. Normally, we would not address these rumors – but when it comes to our beloved Batman, we have to set it straight.

    Last week, information floated around the Hollywood rumor mill that Ben Affleck had officially signed a contract, confirming his involvement in Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy. It was reported that Affleck would continue to the Dark Knight for three more movies, with the final film leading nicely into a Batman Beyond movie, as well as the next phase within the DC Extended Universe. Of course, Batman fans across the world became pretty darn excited about this news (because we love Affleck). However, this rumor is completely false…

    When it comes to entertainment news, there are some pretty sure-fire ways to know if a rumor has any backbone. And in this case, it didn’t. Stemming from a South-African news site with absolutely no source (and we’ve never heard of this website before), the article in question was written by someone called ‘Edward Nigma.’ Come on; you don’t need to be a DC genius to realize that this is the alias for Riddler.

    As if this wasn’t enough, none of the big-time players in the entertainment industry were reporting the story. If an actor as huge as Ben Affleck had confirmed a new contract for an equally huge franchise, it would be EVERYWHERE. Most notably, websites such as The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Deadline (and of course, we wouldn’t be far behind) would be slamming the news on their front pages. Alas, this was not the case.

    Moral of the story? Do your research, kids.

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