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This Beauty and the Beast Theory Explains THAT Twist Plot Hole

It makes so much sense now!


    If you haven’t watched the new live-action Beast yet (shame on you), be warned, THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE.

    So if you’ve seen the magic and genius that is the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, you’ll know that it did the animation proud. And it was everything that we needed. But there were a few differences between the animation and the live-action movie, which has had us all questioning a few things.

    One of the main differences in the live-action movie is that Mrs.Potts has a husband and other family members who live in Villeneuve, the cutesy little French village where Belle and her father live.

    Firstly, there’s a Mr.Potts?! From the animation, we always got the idea that Maurice and Mrs.Potts had a little thing going on (which we loved). Apparently not. And secondly, where did all of these family members come from?

    We know from the movie that an Enchantress cast a spell on the Beast’s castle, as punishment for his vanity. But none of the inhabitants of the castle aged during their years under the spell…and according to one fan theory, neither did the inhabitants of Villeneuve.

    This clever fan theory was created by Redditor, Hainted, who says:

    The Village of Villeneuve is caught in the Enchantress’ curse as well. It’s stated outright that she erased the memories of the Prince, his lands, and servants from the villagers’ minds, but if you pay attention, she also locked the village in a time loop.


    When Belle sings her opening number, ‘Little Town,’ she sings of her provincial life, the monotony of the village, and how she knows everyone’s daily routine. And of course she does, because the village is on repeat. They do the same thing every single day because they are under the same spell as the castle (minus the turning into animated inanimate objects thing).

    But this answer comes with another question – what about Belle and Maurice? Belle wants more than her provincial life, and Maurice is a super cool modern inventor. Surely they can’t be under a spell too? Well, no. They aren’t.

    We know from the movie that Maurice fled with Belle from Paris because her mother had contracted the plague (yes, we did cry), and settled in Villeneuve – after the curse had already been set. So because they weren’t there when the village and its inhabitants were cursed, they were exempt from its repercussions. Which is probably why all of the other villagers call Belle and her Father odd. They wanted more from their lives, and moved with the times, rather than staying the same.

    Need any more reason to believe this Redditer has got this theory spot on? Well, we’ve got more. The live-action movie also has the inclusion of Agathe (the Enchantress) – she’s also an outsider in the village, she lives in a little shack in the woods, and everyone thinks she’s mad. But she’s an outsider because she was the one who cast the spell, and stayed in the village for the whole time to maintain the spell she cast on the villagers! (gasp)
    Minds = Blown.

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