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All Eyez on Me Tupac Biopic is Fascinating but Slightly Flawed Say Critics

All Eyez aren’t keen on this film unfortunately…


    It’s fair to say that he new Tupac Shakur bio-pic directed by Benny Boom has flopped. The biographical drama focusing on the life, career and death of the hip-hop artist was eagerly anticipated, but critics have called it flawed, and unworthy of using the rapper’s name.

    The movie is produced in a non-linear timeline, and focuses on some of the most prominent and important aspects in Tupac’s life through an interview with the rapper during his stint in prison in 1996. And although it’s pretty interesting, the story is complex, contradictory, and haphazard.

    Tupac rose to fame during the ‘90s as a one of the most innovative hip hop artists of the time, and grew a huge fanbase thanks to his care-free attitude and revolutionary music. Yet, the script that was written by Steven Bagatourian, Jeremy Haft and Eddie Gonzalez depicts Tupac as vulnerable, scared and naive. Which he definitely was not.

    The role of the rapper in All Eyez on Me was played by Demetrius Shipp Jr. and considering what he had to work with – he presented the musician perfectly, although lacking the same charisma and somethin’ somethin’ of the original Tupac. But one of the main highlights of the new biographical drama is the portrayal of the relationship between Tupac and his mother. Although these scenes only make up a short section of the movie, it’s raw emotion and incredible acting breaks through the screen and into the hearts of the viewers.

    As much as it was bearable, the new movie has fallen on deaf ears to many movie critics; with a measly Metascore of just 35. Most of them agree that a movie on Tupac would require hundreds of hours, money and the man himself. All Eyez On Me is playing in some smaller cinemas around the world, but don’t expect it to bring in the big bucks.

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