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Alien: Covenant – The Reviews Are in and It’s Not All Good News

It’s not going to blow your socks off (apparently)


    Okay, so we love the Alien franchise. And we’ve been waiting for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 2012 movie Prometheus for SO LONG now we were starting to get really impatient. The movie is out in cinemas on Friday – but the early reviews aren’t too great.

    In short, critics expect that the new movie will be a hit, but not take your breath away, or knock your socks off, or any other metaphor that means you’ll really, really, enjoy it. Instead, it will be slightly ‘meh.’


    At the moment, Alien: Covenant currently stands at a not-too-bad score of 76 on the film review site, Rotten Tomatoes, and stands at 66% on Metacritic. But it’s still early doors, and in comparison to the reviews for Prometheus – they’re actually pretty similar. So what are the critics saying so far?

    David Crow from Den of Geek didn’t have the best things to say about the new movie. He described the new Alien movie as a ‘dull retread’ of the original movie released in 1979. He said,

    Instead of looking at the franchise’s future, it is hopelessly stuck in the past, reworking old tensions with a few new jumps and blood spatters that quizzically stay bloodless.


    And Den of Geek wasn’t the only online publication to say the new movie was essentially a Prometheus 2. Mike Ryan from Uproxx was completely underwhelmed with Covenant. Although he reported that the opening scene was new, different and exhilarating, it quickly took a U-Turn and pulled a ‘dramatic shift in tone’ to be exactly the same as the previous Prometheus.

    But it wasn’t all bad. Kevin P. Sullivan from Entertainment Weekly has praised Scott for ditching the philosophy and existential questions that plagued Prometheus, and his decision to bring back the gore and space horror that became eponymous with the Alien franchise.

    Well, we’re going to decide for ourselves.

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