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Aladdin Remake Is Still On the Hunt for Actors

It could be YOU!


    Okay, so we’ve been excited about the new Aladdin remake ever since we first found out that British directing legend, Guy Ritchie, was on board. And then the information kept coming thick and fast, and we heard through the grapevine that the one and only Will Smith was in line to play Genie. I mean, we were sold already. But now we’ve had an even bigger insight into Guy Ritchie’s mind and what he wants from the new remake…

    aladdin remake

    Yesterday, Project Casting released their casting call for the new musical – where they’ll be searching for their new Aladdin. The auditions will be taking place on May 14, at Old College Building, Holborn, London.

    And this is what Richie wants from his Aladdin:

    Middle Eastern, between 18-22 years old, and has both a charismatic air and handsome looks.

    Which makes us pretty happy, as that means he won’t be straying too far from the Aladdin we knew and loved from the animated original. This will also be good news for the production team, as they won’t be faced with the ‘whitewashing’ claims – unlike the new Mulan movie, which is rumored to have cast mainly white actors. Our new Aladdin will be authentic, and willing to show us the world in all of its shining, shimmering, splendor…

    aladdin remake

    The casting call also gave us an insight into the filming schedule for the movie, asking its actors to be free from the end of May for preparation time, and to be free for filming from mid-August to January 2018. IT’S HAPPENING, GUYS.

    And according to our sources, there might be ANOTHER live-action Aladdin movie in the works. Disney has been in talks with scriptwriters Mark Swift and Damian Shannon about an Aladdin prequel called ‘Genie’ – and will focus on the life of Genie before Aladdin, and how he managed to find himself enslaved in a magical lamp. Errr, super exciting, or what?

    What do you think?

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