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Aladdin Live-Action Reboot Is Struggling To Find Its Leading Actors

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet has hit a bit of turbulence…


    A few months ago, we confirmed ANOTHER live-action Disney movie in the works (because apparently that’s all they want to do nowadays) of the diamond in the rough, the street rat, and the guy with the magic carpet (we’re jealous of that one) Aladdin. Although Will Smith has already been cast as the Genie, it seems he could be starring in it by himself.

    In our last article, we gave you director, Guy Ritchie’s casting call request for the leading man:

    Middle Eastern, between 18-22 years old, and has both a charismatic air and handsome looks.

    aladdin remake struggling to find actors to star in leading role

    However, finding an Arabic or Indian man with the ability to sing and dance is proving pretty difficult – apparently. And the same goes for Princess Jasmine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the whole process has been a bit of a flop.

    The original casting call specified that production was slated to begin by July, but the search has dragged on, with Disney and Ritchie having to go back to the drawing board multiple times. Sources say there have been several rounds of tests in London, with the actors coming in for up to two weeks at a time. ‘The test process was a mess,’ says one agent with a client who tested


    Apparently over 2000 people have auditioned for the leading roles of Jasmine and Aladdin, but Ritchie seems to be pretty picky. While fans and professionals alike have hinted towards the likes of Dev Patel, Riz Ahmed, Avan Jogia, Naomi Scott and Tara Sutaria as potential leads, it seems Ritchie wants an unknown to play the elusive street rat.

    This news has divided fans and people eagerly awaiting the new movie. Many people aren’t disheartened by this news, confident that the extra time will provide the movie with the most perfect pairing. You know, you can’t rush a masterpiece and all that.

    However, others are condemning the process, which seems to clarify the lack of middle-eastern actors in the world of Hollywood.

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