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What The Addams Family Look Like Now

You won’t believe what Pubert looks like now…

    The Addams Family is unlike any other film (or family) out there. Although it was a remake of the TV series; after the movie was first released in the ‘90s, it proved a huge hit, and everyone had their favorite member of the Addams family. (Ours was Wednesday. She just gets us, you know?) The movies also had some big Hollywood stars in them. But as it was released nearly thirty years ago, they’re bound to have changed a bit since their Addams Family days.

    Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams

    Anjelica Huston played the ominously brilliant head of the Addams Family, Morticia Addams. With her low voice, mysterious features and long dark hair, Morticia was the original goth that thousands aspired to be like. Despite her love of pain and gore, she was a loving wife and a doting mother. She was the best of both worlds, really. We all need a Morticia in our lives.

    Anjelica Huston – Now

    Anjelica appeared in both of the Addams Family movies and received Golden Globe nominations for both. Go, Anjelica! She is still acting today but nothing as big as Addams family, and has since been in movies like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. She’s also written two memoirs on her life and times growing up and being an actress. But she’ll always be our Morticia.

    Jimmy Workman as Pugsley Addams

    Oh, Pugsley. In the Addams Family terms, he was almost the sore thumb of the family. He was your average looking teenage boy (rather than boasting the just-risen-from-the-dead look the rest of his family were sporting) and he wasn’t the brightest spark of the bunch. But we found him entertaining none the less… especially for his willingness to comply with his sister’s evil deeds. Mwah ha ha ha.

    Jimmy Workman – Now

    Apart from getting taller and thinner… Jimmy Workman looks exactly the same now as he did when he played Pugsley! Workman retired from Hollywood and the world of acting in the early 2000s, but has not strayed too far as he now works behind the scenes within the technical department. And it seems acting talent runs in the family, as his sisters are also actresses – most notably, Ariel Winter from Modern Family.

    Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams

    Wednesday was a role model for all of the men and women out there who just really didn’t like people. And we loved it. She was the perfect child for Morticia and Gomez and just really loved darkness and torture. And she knew just how to string her brother along. Wednesday’s look has also inspired millions of awesome Halloween costumes.

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