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38 Shocking Movies You Didn’t Know Were Disney

Some of these will make you say whaaaat (say what again, I dare you)

    So let’s be honest, The Walt Disney Corporation pretty much rule the world. Reckon you can change our minds? Nope, didn’t think you could. The multimedia company now own so many media channels we can barely keep up. In terms of movies, the corporation owns the likes of Pixar, Marvel Studios, Touchstone and LucasFilm, and they’ve even previously owned Miramax. This means that Disney isn’t just cartoon animals and happily ever after stories, any more. Oh no, they’re so much more! While Minnie and Mickey are still roaming the Magic Kingdom and fo’sho have a place deep in our hearts, Disney has grown up over the years. They’ve changed their tactics, they’ve upped their game, and they’ve prepared themselves for world domination. Wanna know something? We’re totally cool with it.

    Over the course of its existence, the Walt Disney Company has blessed us with some of the most awesome movies of all time. They’ve given us the classic fairy tales, they’ve given us new and quirky cartoon characters, and they’ve even branched out into the 3D world. Yet, that isn’t enough for a powerhouse such as Disney. They’ve also provided us with merchandise, television shows, theme parks, and so much more. In reality, there’s just no way that we can repay all of the love and lol-athons that they have given us. Kinda sounds like we’re in love with Disney, doesn’t it? Well, we are. But did you know that these movies were made by Disney? We bet you didn’t.

    10 Things I Hate About You

    Movies You Didn't Know Were Disney - 10 Things I Hate About You

    Okay, how can you not love 10 Things I Hate About You?! The cult classic has everything you could want from a movie – a loose Shakespearean story, ‘90s American High School, romance, and of course, Heath Ledger. The movie was released in 1999 by Touchstone Pictures. Touchstone was established in 1984 and is owned by the Walt Disney Studios, and still is – even though Touchstone currently distributes DreamWorks’ movies, in a deal set up between Disney and DreamWorks.

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