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27 Facts Only The Biggest Pulp Fiction Fans Would Know

Check out the big brain on Brad…Brett? Brad? Brett.

    In true Tarantino style, Pulp Fiction asks more questions than it answers, and if you don’t come away from the film thoroughly entertained and confused…well, you’re doing wrong. Take a look at these facts you (probably) didn’t know about Pulp Fiction.

    Vincent and Mia actually stole the trophy

    In one of the film’s most famous scenes, Vincent and Mia return from the twist dance competition carrying a trophy. So…they won, right? Wrong. Later on in the movie, there is an advert which is barely audible. The advert says how the trophy had been stolen from the contest…

    Bad things happen when Vincent goes to the toilet…

    Throughout the whole film, Vincent going to the restroom results in calamity…and not just for the toilet bowl. Most notably, Vincent is murdered after leaving a bathroom, and he also leaves Mia’s bathroom to find her overdosing on drugs. Moral of the story: don’t break the seal.

    Marsellus and Mia never speak

    Despite being a married couple, there is never a moment in the film where Mia and Marsellus talk on camera. Their only exchanges are through the telephone. Sounds like a match made in heaven then – no wonder she gets other men to give her foot rubs.

    The wallet was actually Tarantino’s

    In the film, Jules has a wallet with THOSE famous words on it. This wallet was actually Quentin Tarantino’s own wallet which he gave to Samuel L. Jackson for filming. And now you can buy them in any tacky gift store around the world.

    Courtney and Kurt?

    Courtney Love insists that Quentin Tarantino asked her and Kurt Cobain to play the characters of Jody and Lance. However, Tarantino denies this claim and has said he had never met them or offered them the part. We’re more inclined to believe the legend, Tarantino…

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