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20 Movies Turning 20 in 2017 That’ll Make You Want to Dig Out Your VHS Player

Feel old yet?

    A VHS player you say? Well, it seems only yesterday we were using a pen or pencil to rewind our tapes to watch our favorite movies, or taping your favorite TV shows so you could watch it again. But oh no, VHS players were a long time ago – sorry if that makes you feel old. If you want even more reason to make you feel old (while also being entertained and informed) take a look at the 20 movies turning 20 in 2017.

    Men in Black

    Here come the Men in Black. Well, they came 20 years ago. This science fiction comedy movie was based on the comic books and proved a huge hit – I mean, there are aliens, there are men in suits, and there’s a catchy tune that goes along with it. What else is there to love? It’s even spawned two sequels since its initial release.


    This will take you on a journey to the past. Anastasia is quite possibly one of the most underrated, yet brilliant films out there. No, it’s not a Disney movie, but it’s as good as. There was nothing better than following the life of the Romanov Princess, and shouting at the screen when Rasputin came on the TV with his immortal evil in tow. Fun fact: Kirsten Dunst voiced Anastasia (but not her singing voice).

    Good Will Hunting

    Good Will Hunting is one of those films that you just have to watch at some point in your life – and you won’t regret it. Starring the late Robin Williams (genius) and Matt Damon (equally as genius), the movie was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won two. So don’t just take it from us that this is a brilliant film. Oh, and it’s not your fault…

    Tomorrow Never Dies

    Ah, don’t you just remember Pierce Brosnan as James Bond as if it were yesterday? Well, sorry to disappoint, but this movie was released 20 years ago! It was your typical 007 Bond movie with the beautiful girls, evil villains and handsome hero – but there was something even better about this movie that just made it one of the best Bonds. Fun fact: Tomorrow Never Dies was released on the same day as Titanic. (Yes, that’s 20 years old too, more on that later).

    Good Burger

    Kenan and Kel were the ultimate childhood heroes. With their Nickelodeon TV show, All That, and then this movie – Kenan and Kel were on the path to global domination…until they just disappeared off of the face of the earth. The burgers in this movie were far from good, and all of the food actually looked pretty gross…

    The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    Yes, you really are that old. (Sorry). The second Jurassic Park was released in 1997 and was such a huge hit that Steven Spielberg based the author of the book, Michael Crichton, to write another book so that there could be a sequel. Talking of sequels, who else is ridiculously excited for Jurassic World 2 now that we know Jeff Goldblum is coming back?!


    Hercules went from Zero to Hero in 1997 and was a box-office hit for the Walt Disney Corporation because it sure did ‘go the distance.’ Sorry. This animated musical follows the lives of the legendary hero Hercules who is the son of Zeus. And if it’s about the son of Zeus, you can guarantee it will be a hit – like a lightning bolt. We’re really sorry.

    Air Force One

    Because who else should play the President of the United States, other than Harrison Ford? Nobody. This movie is a political action-thriller about a group of terrorists that hijack Air Force One. It’s even been classed as one of the most popular action movies of the 1990s. Even the then-President, Bill Clinton gave it good reviews when it was released…

    Jackie Brown

    Quentin Tarantino is one of the most intelligent people out there, and one of the nicest…it seems. When Pam Grier didn’t get the role of Jody in Pulp Fiction, Tarantino decided to write a whole new movie with her in mind. With an all-star cast including Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson and more, it’s a cult classic hit.

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    Groovy Baby. Austin Powers spoofs serious movies like James Bond and provides its audience with a hilarious depiction of spy-life. Mike Myers is an absolute genius and rocked this role; he will be forever known as Austin Powers. When this movie was first released, it was a bit of a flop, but really came into its own when it was released. See..the power of the VHS Player.

    I Know What You Did Last Summer

    If you didn’t watch this back in 1997, what else were you doing with your summer? This slasher movie was loosely based on its novel but is definitely in a world of its own. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jnr., Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe, this film is definitely one to make you jump.

    Liar Liar

    Fun fact: The Liar Liar script was turned down a whopping nine times before it was eventually accepted and made into a movie. And it’s a good thing it did because we all need a bit of Liar Liar in our lives. Jim Carrey plays the part brilliantly, and it’ll make you never want to lie ever again. Honest.

    The Full Monty

    The Chinese title for this movie was Six Naked Pigs. Well… This movie is a British classic and will thoroughly make you laugh. If you’ve ever seen Billy Elliot, it’s very similar. Except it stars six unemployed men, rather than a young boy, and they create their own Chippendale show, rather than ballet. So not really similar at all. But it’s hilarious and has proved incredibly popular in the UK and across the pond.


    Can you believe this is 20 years old?! We don’t really need to say much about Titanic. It’s one of the biggest movies of all time, and until 2009 (when Avatar overtook it), Titanic was the highest-grossing movie. Ever. Many thought the movie would flop before it was released – so jokes on them.

    My Best Friend’s Wedding

    Who doesn’t love Julia Roberts? Whether it’s Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, or My Best Friend’s Wedding, she gives it all she’s got. But she wasn’t the only one who was pretty great on set. Rupert Everett (who plays George) was such a brilliant actor and portrayed such a likable character that producers even shot new scenes and added a different ending to give him more screen-time in the movie.


    Uma Thurman, Jude Law, and Ethan Hawke – could you get better cast members if you tried? Gattaca explores the idea of genetics, eugenics, and destiny, and is placed in a future society of reproductive technologies. And it’s pretty cool. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award – so don’t just take it from us.

    As Good As It Gets

    As Good As It Gets is the kind of movie that will make you laugh and make you cry. Both of the main characters (Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt) won Academy Awards for their roles in this movie and is ranked 140th the ‘500 Greatest Movies of All Time’ in Empire magazine. We think it should be at least 39th, but there you go…


    This movie is Jennifer Lopez before she became J-Lo, as playing the role of Selena inspired her to go and pursue her singing career. So we thank you, Selena! This movie follows the life of the late Hispanic music star, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Considering it was Jennifer Lopez’s breakout role…we think she did amazingly. And the reviewers did too.

    Spice World

    If you can’t believe this movie was even released, you won’t be able to believe it was released 20 years ago! Spice World followed the lives of the Brit-Pop band, The Spice Girls. Even though it’s all fictional, it is still pretty entertaining and even quite funny. I know, British people being funny. That’s funny, right?

    Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

    Starring Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends, do we even need to tell you that?) this film focuses on the life of a pair of 28-year-old women who go to their High School Reunion. Shocker, right? But it’s so much more than that. It’s hilarious, it’s sad, it’s happy – it’s everything. Fun fact: Will Ferrel made a cameo in the movie, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. Ouch.

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