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The Pretty Epic Reason Why So Many Disney Princesses Wear Blue

Well this BLUE our minds!


    While we’ve been singing along to Frozen, dreaming about the flying carpet in Aladdin, drooling over the books in Beauty and the Beast, keeping your eye out for a glass slipper in Cinderella and experiencing major hair envy over Alice from Alice in Wonderland, we’ve missed one key point. The color blue.

    All of these princesses or heroines all have something in common (apart from the fact they all live super cool lives, get to be princesses, get married to Prince Charming – or rule over an ice kingdom like a boss). They all wear blue items of clothing. Think about it: Alice wears a pretty powder-blue day dress with a white pinafore, Belle also wears the same style of blue pinafore dress, Cinderella wears that AMAZING sparkly blue ball gown, Jasmine wears her amazing turquoise-blue harem pants and crop top, and Elsa wears her blue embellished cape – and these aren’t even all of the princesses who wear blue! Keep your eyes peeled for Ariel’s, Princess Tiana’s, Sleeping Beauty’s and even more blue dresses in all of the Disney films. These characters are decked out in all things blue, either in a whole outfit or added accessories.

    But what’s with all the blue? It turns out that there’s a pretty solid reason for it – and it makes us love Disney even more. If that was even possible.
    Apparently, the color blue symbolizes adventure and freedom. Many of the women in these films are often confined at the start of their stories. Belle is stuck in her provincial life, Elsa is confined to her room, unable to use her powers, and Cinderella is stuck cleaning the floors for her ugly sisters. So how can this represent freedom? Well, it represents their impending fate. They will be free, and they will have an adventure! And this stands true for the morals of Disney stories – it starts off hard, but soon your life will change, and you’ll become the woman you’ve always wanted to be on your own merit. A great message for women everywhere.

    Blue is also a very powerful color, and one that children associate with being dependable and trustworthy – which describes these princesses to a T. Leatrice Eiseman who works for the Pantone Colour Institute says that the blue color empowers these women. ‘You’re adding a bit of power to the character by giving her the blue. It’s a very subtle way of saying ‘Yeah, but young women, young girls, can be empowered, too!’

    It’s also important to note that dressing their Disney princesses in blue clothing sticks two fingers up to gender binaries and stereotypes. Can only boys wear blue? Do girls have to wear pink? DON’T THINK SO.

    But Disney isn’t the only company who is decking their powerful women out in this color. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz can also be seen in her blue pinafore dress – and she is freed from her life of black and white, into the bright colors and fun of Oz.
    Yes, Disney! And a big heck yes to Disney Princesses and women everywhere. We rule.

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