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12 Pre-Disney Versions of Beauty and the Beast That You Won’t Believe

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”

    When you think of Beauty and the Beast, you probably think of the 1991 Disney animation or the 2017 live-action version that depicts Belle as a beautiful and intelligent woman just looking for more than her provincial life, and a Beast, who you just can’t help but love. He may have been a monster in his looks (even though he is still weirdly handsome, am I right?) but he’s a right big softie on the inside. But these adaptations are very different to some of the pre-Disney versions – some you won’t believe, and there’s more than likely something there you didn’t see before…

    When I was a young Warthogggg…oh, wait.

    Wrong movie. This adaptation comes from the 1976 Beauty and the Beast movie that was directed by Fielder Cook. And we’re not quite sure what’s going on here. He’s a man… but he has the snout of a pig? Or a warthog? We just don’t know. But we’re not sure we like this version. Belle still looks beautiful as ever, though.

    Belle and the Bear

    There are two things we’d like to say about this photo. One: why does Belle look like she’s just come from Coachella? With the flowing tasseled dress and that headband, she wouldn’t look out of place at any festival. (Subsidiary question: why does she have blonde hair? I know we shouldn’t discriminate, but Belle is always supposed to be brunette). Two: Why is the Beast a full on bear? From every story we’ve ever read, Beast was an amalgamation of different animals together.

    Beastly illustrations

    Belle looks incredibly chilled considering she’s sitting in front of an exquisitely dressed warthog – robes, sword and monocle included, of course. He seems to be pretty casual too, with his hand out as if to say “Well, here I am. Take me or leave me.” Even though we love the fanciness of the castle and Belle’s beautiful gowns… this just seems a bit too fancy for our liking.

    A Comedy of Errors

    This one looks like the poster for an awfully put-together Renaissance comedy show. Or a University mascot – not our favorite Beast we know and love. This Beast was created in the 1940s, and we’re definitely not loving his scary looking face and his historical getup.

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