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Scrubs Cast Then & Now

Erm, how does Eliot look EXACTLY THE SAME?! It’s not fair.

    Although the sight of blood and gore seems to make our stomach shrivel and turn itself inside out (true story), we just can’t get enough of medical shows. Okay, so we might love Grey’s Anatomy for the sake of Dr. McDreamy being super duper dreamy. Sure, we might have fallen completely head over heels for ER because we loved to scream out “We need a emergency tracheostomy, Stat!” at the top of our lungs. Yuh-huh, Doogie-Howser M.D definitely made us laugh way more than it should have done, but we also can’t get enough of the medical drama. It’s intense, y’all. However, if we’re going to get into a battle between the medical shows, you better put away your stethoscopes and leave your rubber gloves at home – because there is only one winner in this game of life. Yep, we’re talking about Scrubs!

    We were first introduced to Scrubs in 2001, and it’s safe to say that this year changed our lives. *Sniffs* Although we’ll try not to get too emotional, Scrubs has taught us so many things over the course of its nine-year run. We learned all of the lyrics to the Lazlo Bane theme tune which you’ll all know is a certified banger (and a one, a two, a three… I’M NO SUPERMAAAAN), we learned that we do not have the capabilities to ever become a doctor, we learned that bromances really aren’t dead, we learned that doing The Eagle in any situation is totally acceptable, and we learned just how many female names there are in the English dictionary. Yuh-huh, watching Scrubs isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life. It’s an education. It’s an obsession.

    Unfortunately, ABC decided to ruin our lives completely when they took the show off the air, and it’s fair to say that our lives have never been the same. Although we have tried to find a new medical drama that gives us the laughs and the love of Scrubs, the doctors and nurses have all fallen short. Because of this, we can’t help but look back on the good times. Think of this as our very own photo album of our Scrubs years, because these are what the Scrubs cast look like, then and now…

    Zach Braff as J.D – Then

    Scrubs Cast Then & Now: J.D
    I mean, you should have known we would have started with this dude. As the main star of the show, John Dorian was known by many names. He was known as J.D, he was known as Vanilla Bear, he was known as Patricia, and he was even known as Susan – but the last two are reserved for Dr. Cox. Starting off as an intern in Sacred Heart Hospital, we get to watch this perfect daydreamer make his way up the ranks and through his medical career. Or at least, he tries to. With his silly jokes, his dubious taste in women and his love affair with Perry, it all gets a little weird.

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