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Cringey ‘90s Beauty Trends Before Beauty Bloggers Showed Us How It’s Done


    Nowadays, it seems as though the world and his dog (a rather adorable one with perfect contouring) is a beauty expert. YouTube is full of wannabe beauty bloggers who are showing us how to perfectly crease our eyeshadow, how to make our eyes pop, and how to become a human unicorn with highlighter. Of course, we’re not complaining. We’ve waited our whole lives to become a unicorn and we’re not going to turn down the opportunity now. Were going to take our brush, we’re going to grab our highlighter, and we’re going to buy a gosh darn horn to stick on our head… and nobody can stop us. Ahem, excuse us. What we’re trying to say is that the world of beauty has now become an international phenomenon. We can turn ourselves into works of art with a few flicks of color and a few of Kylie’s Lip Kits and were laughing. There’s no need for professional makeup artists, there’s no need for magazine tutorials, and there’s no need to look at celebs and wonder how the heck you can look like them. Just take a trip down to Sephora and max out your credit card – it’s simple!

    Although we’re totally in love with the fact that we can make ourselves look like Kim K with just a few lines on our face, were conscious to not forget our roots – no matter how awkward and embarrassing they may be. After all, we started from the bottom now we here, and we have to remember our dodgy past. You know what we’re talking about. The blue eyeshadow, the cheap lip gloss you got in magazines, the hairstyles that required all kinds of accessories and (*shivers*) the crimpers. Yes, ladies and gentlebeans, we will be taking you on a guided tour through awkwardville and showing you all of the cringey ‘90s beauty trends we were obsessed with before beauty bloggers showed us how it’s done. You can thank us later… actually, you might not want to.

    Light foundation and ruby-red lips

    Cringey ‘90s Beauty Trends Before Beauty Bloggers Showed Us How It’s Done: Light foundation and ruby lips
    We’re not quite sure why this trend came about – maybe it was because Buffy the Vampire was all the rage in the ‘90s? But having your foundation just a shade lighter than your actual skin and pairing that with bright red lipstick was THE beauty tip of the century. All of the best celebs used to rock this look – including our ‘90s fave, Reese Witherspoon. We’re going to call it Vampire-Chic.

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