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Your Kids Will Never Know What These Common Household Things Are

“What’s a floppy disk?”

    In today’s day and age, we’re overrun with new and improved technology. In fact, the guys and gals wearing glasses, drinking coffee (and lots of it), knocking on doors with the repetitive ‘Penny’ (oops, wrong show) and typing on computers in the ol’ science labs are thinking of cool and quirky new ways to make our lives even easier. Nowadays, you can control your house with the push of a button from 20 miles away, you can search everything and anything within seconds on the internet, and you can basically carry around the universe in your pocket – and that is pretty darn cool.

    However, we have to admit that all this technology is kinda creeping us out. Yep, computers are slowly but surely taking over our lives and our jobs (although they’ll never overpower us here at RetroEnt, mwah ha ha!), they’re becoming integrated into society, and robots are even roaming the streets, driving our cars and washing our…err…behinds. For those who have been born during this technology boom, it’s fair to say that they’ve never known anything other than impressive cell phones, tablets, laptops, internet and more. In fact, they’re probably getting themselves ready for the future of technology. Will there be flying cars? Teleports? Holograms? Human-Robot hybrids? Well, we kinda don’t want to see what happens, because us ol’ timers are used to living in the past.

    Yuh-huh, us retro gods (if we do say so ourselves) love to live a world full of nostalgia, rather than improving technology. We’re used to our old lives where we couldn’t watch our favorite movies at the touch of a button, we had to work hard to research our homework, and we had to take our photos to the store to get them processed. Sure, it was more difficult, but it made us feel good about life. 2017? Not so much…

    If you’re like us, we bet your kids will never know what these common household things are…

    VHS Tapes

    kids will never know what these household things are - vhs tapes

    ‘Mooooom can we watch the The Lion King on Netflix?’ ‘Mom, what about the movie we downloaded?’ This is what we get nowadays. But long before the days of Netflix, Blu-Rays, DVDs and movie downloads, we used VHS tapes to watch our favorite movies. They were kinda clunky, and you had to rewind them every time you watched them before you could watch it again. God forbid if the tape came out, the you had to stick a pencil or finger in and rewind it manually. Otherwise, goodbye, favorite movie…

    The Discman

    kids will never know what these household things are - discman

    Before you could listen to your music at the touch of a screen, through your iPod or watch, the only portable means of listening to music was through this bad boy – the Discman. Sure, they didn’t fit in any of your pockets and sometimes got stuck on the same song, but they were great.

    Floppy Disks

    kids will never know what these household things are - floppy discs

    What is that funny symbol that’s on the save button on computers? What did you do before you could even save work directly onto your computer? Well, kids… we had to store all of our work onto floppy disks. No, this isn’t a CD that’s melted in the sun. Instead, they were little plastic disks that were used as folders, and you had to store every document and every file onto it. But we had to be careful not to touch the tape that was exposed if you slid the metal part across…

    Paper Maps

    kids will never know what these household things are - paper maps

    Yes, there really was a time where we didn’t have Sat-Navs or GPS Navigation built into our cars. Back in the day, our car journeys took twice as long, as we had to pull over to the side of the road to look at a gigantic paper map of all the roads we needed to take to get to our destination. And we got lost many times. Many, many times.

    These Colored Bars

    kids will never know what these household things are - colored bars tv

    In this day and age, the only TV troubles our kids have is if they watch Netflix too long, and Netflix asks if they’re still watching. But back in our day and age, sometimes we might turn the TV on to these colored bars – the test pattern that came up when a program wasn’t being broadcast on that channel.


    kids will never know what these household things are - churchkeys

    Nope, this isn’t a key to open the local church. Before the days of twist caps and pull tags on your favorite beer or soda cans, we had nothing. The only way we could open our refreshments was to puncture two holes into the cans – you poured out of one hole, and you let the can breathe with the second. And we did it with this nifty tool.

    Cassette Tapes

    kids will never know what these household things are - cassette tapes

    Just like VHS tapes, the cassette tape was the same kind of idea – but rather than playing movies, they played music. They were a lot smaller, fit into its own cassette tape player, and still required you to rewind your music each time you got to the end. But it was so worth it so you could listen to your Cyndi Lauper album on repeat…

    Skate Keys

    kids will never know what these household things are - skate keys

    There are two things here that make us feel old. One – roller skates. How many people do you see roller skating anymore? Two – Skate Keys. The whole idea of this little tool was to adjust the length and fit for these metal roller skates because they were a one-size-fits-all-jobbie. You’d get nowhere without this key.


    kids will never know what these household things are - encyclopedias

    Encyclopedias made a Google search cool before Google even existed. Before the time of the internet and the world wide web (no, that wasn’t the stone age) we couldn’t just google our homework questions to find out the answers. Instead, we had to find the relevant leather-bound encyclopedia to answer our questions.

    Disposable Cameras

    kids will never know what these household things are - disposable cameras

    Disposable Cameras came as a welcome retreat for the lazy picture takers who were fed up with clunking around their heavy flash cameras. But these plastic-looking cameras were surprisingly durable. You could just pop it into a bag, send it out to get developed, and voila… you had your prints.


    kids will never know what these household things are - blockbusters

    The closest our kids will get to Blockbusters is hanging around the abandoned building that still boasts the sign, ‘ockbusters’ with an (ahem) unsightly image before it. There’s nothing that can compare to taking a stroll through the aisles of Blockbuster video rentals, picking out which movies you’ll rent over the weekend. Kids just don’t get it.

    Film Canisters

    kids will never know what these household things are - film canisters

    Nowadays, digital cameras run out of memory on the SD card – they don’t run out of the literal film. But when we were younger, we had to buy a new canister of film each time we took too many pictures on our cameras. But it was all we knew. Plus, the canisters came in handy when we needed somewhere to keep our rings.

    Fax machines

    kids will never know what these household things are - fax machines

    Before the days when you could send over files and attachments to people all across the world via email, you had to send them any printed info via a fax machine. You simply popped your piece of paper into your machine, tapped in their fax number, and the printed version of your file would come out their end. Genius.

    Record Adapters

    kids will never know what these household things are - record adapters

    Nope, this isn’t a badly made Frisbee. This is a record adapter. Back in the day when we listened to Vinyl records and LPs, the record adapter ensured we could fit our favorite singles and albums onto any record player. Because we had priorities.

    Palm Pilots

    kids will never know what these household things are - palm pilot

    Palm Pilots may look like an old smartphone, but they came wayyyyy before the concept of a smartphone would even be believable. These little gadgets were used to keep track of all your business ventures and your calendar. You could keep up to date with your address book and diary, and feel like you had your life in control – even if you didn’t.

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