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Your Kids Will Never Know What These Common Household Things Are

“What’s a floppy disk?”

    In today’s day and age, we’re overrun with new and improved technology. In fact, the guys and gals wearing glasses, drinking coffee (and lots of it), knocking on doors with the repetitive ‘Penny’ (oops, wrong show) and typing on computers in the ol’ science labs are thinking of cool and quirky new ways to make our lives even easier. Nowadays, you can control your house with the push of a button from 20 miles away, you can search everything and anything within seconds on the internet, and you can basically carry around the universe in your pocket – and that is pretty darn cool.

    However, we have to admit that all this technology is kinda creeping us out. Yep, computers are slowly but surely taking over our lives and our jobs (although they’ll never overpower us here at RetroEnt, mwah ha ha!), they’re becoming integrated into society, and robots are even roaming the streets, driving our cars and washing our…err…behinds. For those who have been born during this technology boom, it’s fair to say that they’ve never known anything other than impressive cell phones, tablets, laptops, internet and more. In fact, they’re probably getting themselves ready for the future of technology. Will there be flying cars? Teleports? Holograms? Human-Robot hybrids? Well, we kinda don’t want to see what happens, because us ol’ timers are used to living in the past.

    Yuh-huh, us retro gods (if we do say so ourselves) love to live a world full of nostalgia, rather than improving technology. We’re used to our old lives where we couldn’t watch our favorite movies at the touch of a button, we had to work hard to research our homework, and we had to take our photos to the store to get them processed. Sure, it was more difficult, but it made us feel good about life. 2017? Not so much…

    If you’re like us, we bet your kids will never know what these common household things are…

    VHS Tapes

    kids will never know what these household things are - vhs tapes

    ‘Mooooom can we watch the The Lion King on Netflix?’ ‘Mom, what about the movie we downloaded?’ This is what we get nowadays. But long before the days of Netflix, Blu-Rays, DVDs and movie downloads, we used VHS tapes to watch our favorite movies. They were kinda clunky, and you had to rewind them every time you watched them before you could watch it again. God forbid if the tape came out, the you had to stick a pencil or finger in and rewind it manually. Otherwise, goodbye, favorite movie…

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