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We’ve Just Discovered This 90s Box And It’s Changed Our Lives Forever

We’ve definitely just ordered one for the office…


    Ahhh the ‘90s. What we’d give to go back to our carefree lives, where all we had to care about was keeping our Tamagotchis alive, winning a Nerf war, and making sure we never took off the TY tag from our Beanie Babies. Nowadays, life is so comfortable. So what if we could take it back to the ‘90s? Well…now we can. The ‘90s Box is the ultimate ‘90s experience that delivers ‘90s toys, snacks, games, and memorabilia from everyone’s favorite decade. The company delivers these Mystery Time Capsules with 5-10 items that are worth over $40 in retail value in each box. Could there be anything better than this?

    When you sign up with The ‘90s Box, you get the option of having your box delivered every 1,3 or 6 months. The boxes are all made and chosen by fellow ‘90s kids, to ensure the ultimate retro experience. The company boasts endless ‘90s gifts and items, so you’ll never run out – and you can live in the past for the rest of your life and avoid your actual adult responsibilities. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants to grow up just yet… Take a look at some of the past boxes to see what goodies could be posted through your letterbox every month.

    The ‘90s Box comes in three options. You can pay a monthly fee of $24.99 + shipping for your box, and the subscription will automatically renew itself. Or you can pay for a three-month subscription which saves you 3% off the monthly price, for just $72.01 + shipping. But if you didn’t want to pay that much, you can change from the box to the Knapsack, and pay just $17 + shipping for a smaller and more affordable version of the box – but it still contains all of your ‘90s favorites. Did we mention they ship internationally too? Yep! Basically, we’re buying everything. #BringBackThe90s

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