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The Most Valuable Childhood Toys That Could Make You a Fortune – Check Your Attic Now!

If you have one of these, you could make some serious cash!

    The best part of being a kid was being able to play games whenever the heck we wanted. We were allowed to play outside, in the middle of the streets (do kids even do that anymore? Or is that a health and safety risk?), we could spend hours on end sitting in front of the video console in our pajamas, we even played board games until the early hours. It was great. But then we grew up and had to shove all of our favorite toys into the attic for them to gather dust. *Sobs*

    As the years have gone by, the world is realizing how gosh darn great the past was, and we are reliving our nostalgia days with the toys from yesteryear. Because of this, you may be living below an absolute goldmine. Yep, collectors are now offering big bucks for those of you who have some of the coolest and rarest childhood toys from these eras. People are even selling collectibles on Amazon and eBay! These are the most valuable childhood toys that could make you a fortune – so check your attic now!

    Disclaimer: We have some Amazon Affiliate links here to some of the products we mention – or similar products. We may earn a small commission from you if you click on them. Probably not enough to buy a shiny Charizard though (boo).

    Original Monopoly Game – $146,500

    valuable toys original monopoly

    Ahhh, Monopoly. We’ve all played the game that has broken families and proved who really has the worst anger issues in your family. Charles Darrow created the game in 1933 and even kept one for himself – a hand-drawn oil cloth edition of the game (oooh, sounds fancy). This edition was sold in auction in 2011 and sold for a whopping $146,500! But even if you don’t have this rare version, you might have a vintage version. These have been known to sell for around $3,125. We’ll take that…

    Find it (or something similar) on Amazon:


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