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Totally Bizarre Vintage Products Your Grandparents Probably Used

Did your Grandpa need the hair growing hat?

    Here at RetroEnt, we love retro and vintage inventions – but some of them go a bit too far. From a returnable inflatable doll to sanitized tape worms, we just couldn’t not share this list with you. Check out the totally bizarre vintage products your grandparents probably used (but hopefully didn’t)…

    Cigarette Holder Hat

    Because what else would you do with your cigarettes? Surely keeping your cigarettes in a specially made hat is the only way? Oh dear, there were some wacky inventions. This handy hat came ready-made to allow for twenty cigarettes, and means the person ‘no longer needs to go through the awkward motions of searching through a handbag for her fags.’ Thanks, but no thanks. Think we’ll stick to keeping them in our bags.

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