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This Retro iPhone 7 Plus Is At The Top of Our Wish List Right Now

Not that expensive then…


    Of course, being RetroEnt, we’re obsessed with everything retro. And when retro is mixed with new technologies, we absolutely love it. What could be better than a retro iPhone 7 Plus? It gives you all of the usages of 21st-century technology…with an aesthetically pleasing retro look about it. We definitely like what we see!

    You may already know that the company, ColorWare, are focused on bringing iconic and unique paint jobs to Apple Products. And with the iPhone 8 just months away from being released, ColorWare have decided to jazz up the current iPhone 7 in the best way possible.

    ColorWare’s designs are always inspired by vintage Macintosh products, so this new retro design for the iPhone 7 comes with its own 1980s custom beige paint job. They’ve even included darker stripes along the casing, reminiscent of the vents you’d find on old computers. Sounds cool, huh? Well, it gets even better. The Apple logo on the back of the phone will be replaced with an Apple in the classic rainbow stripes. It’s thoroughly retro-tastic. And we love it!

    Customizing the iPhone 7 isn’t the first retro venture ColorWare has taken on. They have previously styled up the likes of the iPhone 6S, iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook. They’ve all appeared on the company’s website at one point or another, but because of their unique status in the world of technology, they’ve been snapped up pretty quickly and were sold in limited quantities.

    Unlike the other products which were sold in these limited quantities, ColorWare is going to be producing the retro iPhone 7 for as many people who want it and who are willing to pay the price (more about that coming up). However, if you’re one of the first 25 people to buy the retro gear, you’ll get a specially numbered version of the phone. So as well as being retro, it’ll also be one of a kind. Need any more reason to get your credit card out?

    They always say that good things come with heavy price tags – and this retro iPhone is no different. So if you do want to own one of these beauties, you’ll need deep pockets. ColorWare is known for not selling their products on the cheap, but their iPhone 7 is by far their most expensive model and will set you back a whopping $1,899 for an unlocked, 256GB iPhone 7 model. Woah.

    If we look at the numbers, that’s almost double the amount you’d pay for your average, run-of-the-mill model. As much as this price tag isn’t something you’d be able to shell out just for the sake of it (unless you’re a millionaire), we have to admit this is the nicest custom job we’ve seen so far. So if you fancy paying that amount of money…we will definitely be jealous of your retro iPhone 7, that’s for sure…

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