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This is What the World Was Like in 1997

It was so different…

    Ahhhh, 2017. It’s fair to say that 2017 has been a *little* bit rubbish. Yep, if we could, we would rip this year out of the book, tear it to shreds, scrumple all of the pieces up into tiny balls, stomp on them with our giant Timberland boots, and then throw them into the fire until they become stardust. So yeah, we’ve kind of hated it. Wanna know why? Well here are just a few examples: the ‘How Bow Dah?’ girl (*shivers*), Justin Bieber’s Despacito (we still don’t have a clue what he’s harping on about), the ‘new’ Taylor Swift (look what you made her do, guys!), people staring at the eclipse without their shades (we’re talking about you, Mr. President) and that’s just the start. Because of the sheer stupidity of this year, we often find ourselves looking back into the past and getting our nostalgia fix.

    One of our favorite years to look back on is 1997. When you think of 1997, you probably think of a couple of years ago. Yuh-huh, you remember 1997 like it was yesterday – because it was, like, three years ago, right? Well…not quite. Soz to make you feel old, guys, but 1997 was TWENTY BLOOMIN’ YEARS AGO. As if we didn’t feel old enough already, this crazy fact has made us think of 1997 in a new light. In this weird and crazy world we live in, Kylie Jenner has never known life without Harry Potter (which is basically our dream), Leo and Kate have grown twenty years older after their rough time on RMS Titanic, and the world has given birth to some of the greatest movies and songs of all time. Man, it’s been wild.

    But what was it really like in 1997? Well, hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlebeans, because we’re going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of what the world was like in 1997. [DISCLAIMER: YOU MAY FEEL OVERWHELMING FEELINGS OF NOSTALGIA, SO GET YOUR TAMAGOTCHIS READY]

    Titanic was released

    Yes, this movie really was released twenty years ago. Yes, you really are that old. We still love this movie, and even though we know what’s going to happen… we still cry. When Titanic was first released, it proved hugely popular and was the first movie to gross over $1billion. As if this wasn’t enough, it won 11 Oscar Awards. (Even though DiCaprio didn’t win his much deserved Oscar until 2016. He was cheated).

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