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Incredible Photos That Show What London Looked Like in the ‘60s

How it’s changed!

    Ah, London. The Big Smoke. The Swinging City. London is one of the most amazing places to visit – and has been for decades, including the ‘60s. The Swinging Sixties were a time of Beatlemania, Doctor Who, and fabulous fashions. Can you imagine it? Well, you don’t need to. This is what London looked like in the ‘60s…

    Duck, duck, duck, duck… gates

    If you’re going to take a trip to London, you just have to visit Buckingham Palace – the home of the British monarchy. The Palace is (naturally) heavily guarded by gates, Policeman and the Queen’s Guard, but everyone wants to get that little bit closer. Including these Ducks in 1964.

    Jimi in London

    London is one of the most popular destinations in the world – and celebrities flock to the city each year. And in the ‘60s it was no different. Here we have Jimi Hendrix leaning against the railing of Montagu Place in 1967.

    Now you see me; now you don’t

    London isn’t called the Big Smoke for nothing. It’s known for it’s heavy smog and fog in the center of the city. This photo was taken in 1964 in Regent Street, while Christmas Shoppers battled through the streets to get their Christmas bargains.

    Hello, Jack

    British people are known for their patriotism – and it wasn’t just Geri Halliwell who rocked the Union Jack dress. Oh, no. This woman walks Regent Street with her Union Jack dress with pride. Just look at that woman to the left of her, she wished she was wearing what she was wearing…

    Mod rides

    The ‘60s were a time of the Mods and Rockers, and the city was full Mods, Rockers, and their scooters. This picture shows Carnaby Street full of these individuals and their rides in 1964.

    Totally Twiggy

    During the ‘60s, Twiggy became one of the most iconic and sought after models of the era. Her stick-like figure and tomboy looks inspired thousands of young women and fashion fans. Here she is in London in June, 1967, wearing a dress made entirely out of newspaper.