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Things You’ll Remember If You Had the Internet In The 90s and Early 00s

Who remembers all of these?!

    Oh, the internet. Can you remember a time without it? But the internet has definitely changed a lot since the ‘90s and the early ‘00s. Take a look at the things you’ll remember if you had the internet in the ‘90s and ‘early ‘00s. They will give some serious nostalgia chills…

    Having to turn on your computer waaaay before you needed to use it

    Back in the early ‘90s and ‘00s, the Internet was like an oven. You had to heat it up before it could do its job. Because let’s be honest, if you tried to get on the internet as soon as you turned your computer on…you’d get nowhere.

    Being excited about opening your email

    We didn’t have iPhones or mobile phones that automatically synced to our emails and alerted us to an incoming email. Oh, no. We had to manually sign into our Yahoo or Hotmail accounts, and go through each email, decided whether it was worth keeping or delete them. They were never anything interesting, but it still made us feel important.

    The sound of the dial-up internet

    We can’t quite decide on this one. Was it incredibly catchy, so much so so that you couldn’t help but hum along? Or was it incredibly annoying to the point that you wanted to rip off your ears so you would never hear that horrible screeching again? We’ll let you decide.

    Not being able to use the internet and the phone at the same time

    Hell hath no fury like a parent who had to cut their phone call short because you snuck onto the computer to chat to your friends that you literally just spoke to at school. Back in the day, it was either one or the other. You couldn’t sit on the phone watching a video of a dog on a skateboard and laughing about it together..it just wouldn’t work.

    TyPiNg LikE THis BEcaUsE iT WaS SuPEr c00L

    ThERe WaS No REaL rEAsOn FoR DoINg ThIS As iT AdDeD NoThInG To yOUr SeNtEncEs, ExCepT TaKE An ExTRa FiVe mINUtes To TyPe iT oUt. NevErTheLEsS, YoU StiLL Did iT BEcauSe IT wAs S00Per c00L. (Wow, that was really difficult to type. I Still can’t believe people used to type like that. Exhausting).

    Joining a fan-forum

    Joining a fan forum was one of the most exciting aspects of having the internet in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Suddenly, you could talk to hundreds of people who had the same interests as you. If you really, really, really loved Power Rangers or Pokemon…no problem.

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