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Things You’ll Remember if You Grew Up In The ‘80s

From Cabbage Patch Kids to Gettin’ Physical with Olivia Newton-John, the 80s was da bomb!

    Before the internet, before Blu-Rays, before iPhones and before all of the modern-day items we now take for granted…we had the ‘80s. And what a time the ‘80s were. We were truly lucky to grow up in such an eclectic era. In an era filled with Ferris Bueler, Cabbage Patch Kids and stretchy bedazzled belts…we just couldn’t get enough. But if your memory isn’t serving you well, here are some sometimes cringe-inducing reminders.

    Friendship Pins

    If you grew up in the 80s you'll remember friendship pins

    There was no better way to cement your friendship than wearing matching Friendship Pins. We used to make these snazzy pins in our spare time, and we all wanted to make them as sparkly as possible. This truly meant a lot when you gave one of these to your best friends…

    Stretchy Belts

    Stretchy belts were a serious fashion staple of the 1980s

    Does anyone know who invented this genius accessory? Because we’d love to shake their hand. Stretchy belts were some of the best accessories of the ‘80s, and they were onto a real winner. A belt that stretches to any waist size? Perfect. And they were even better when they came bedazzled or with huge buckles…

    Rotary Phones

    Rotary phones were extremely popular in the 80s

    Rotary Phones really came into their own in the ‘80s. And it was likely you had two in your house. Nowadays, people just don’t know the trouble of talking to your crush on the phone but not being able to stray from the kitchen, for fear of pulling the phone off of the wall or being violently pulled back by the cord. Or, the worst possible scenario… your parents hearing you on the phone.

    Atari Consoles

    Everyone who grew up in the 1980s will remember the Atari

    Atari Consoles first came into the video game world in the late ‘70s, but really came into their own in the ‘80s. We all wanted this console in our front rooms so we could play Pong to our heart’s delight. And there was nothing better than getting home and playing your favorite games from the comfort of your own home instead of having to queue up at the arcade.

    The Terminator

    Terminator was a big hit for people growing up in the 80s

    We loved Arnie. We still do. And when he appeared on our screens in 1985, we just couldn’t get enough of him. A Cyborg dressed as a human? Time travel? What could be better? And Arnie wasn’t bad to look at either…

    Squeeze Coin Purses

    Squeeze coin purses were popular with kids in the 80s

    Let’s be honest, we all wanted a squeeze coin purse. Whether we had any money or not, we’d carry it round and put anything we had available in these crafty contraptions. And if you did carry around your coins, they would be whipped right out again when the ice cream van came around the corner…

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