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Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The ‘70s

How many platform shoes did YOU own?

    The ‘70s was one of the most inventive and exciting eras of the 20th Century. Suddenly, the world became eclectic; there were colors everywhere, innovative interior designs and everything became quirky. And we absolutely loved it. We just couldn’t wait to fill our houses with Shag rugs and lava lamps, dance to Saturday Night Fever and sing along to The Cassidy Brothers. But if you need any more reminding… take a look at the things you’ll remember if you grew up in the ‘70s.

    Wearing wide-collared shirts

    things you'll remember if you grew up in the 70s - wide collared shirts

    ‘70s clothing was all about being the biggest and the boldest – everyone loved a wide collar. Team your wide collared shirt up with some brightly colored wide-legged pants, and you were on to a worldwide winner…

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