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Things You’ll Remember if You Grew Up in the 80s in the UK

You’ll know who General Lee is, and know it’s not to do with the Army…

    Ahhhh, the ‘80s. This era was by far one of the best eras in UK history. It was the time of the Rubik’s Cube, stretchy belts, and Benders in Buns. Can anything compete to that? If you grew up in the ‘80s and want to take a trip down memory lane, then take a look at these things you’ll remember if you grew up in the ‘80s in the UK…

    Cyndi Lauper

    The ‘80s was all about pushing boundaries, excess and embracing your quirks. Which is exactly why we loved Cyndi Lauper. She embodied everything quirky, wacky, bonkers, and every other odd adjective. We just loved listening to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and singing around our bedrooms with our friends. And of course, we created our own music video and dressed up. What else would you expect?


    Is CITV even still around? Even so, it provided us with one of the most testing, and stressful TV programs of all time – Knightmare. You always wanted to sign up for the show, but you just didn’t know if you had it in you. I mean, it’s dungeons. And it was called Knightmare. We’ll pass. We still loved watching it, though.


    Madonna was kind of like the Cyndi Lauper of the UK. She was still pretty wacky, and she didn’t abide by the rules. She had her bra on show, she chewed gum all the time, and she kissed boys. She was the ultimate idol for the ‘80s shy girl. And soon, the shy girls weren’t so shy anymore…

    TV Times

    Back in the day, we didn’t have the TV guide on your Freeview TV (well, there wasn’t Freeview TV), and we didn’t have Sky Search (well, there wasn’t Sky). Instead, you had to plan your TV watching from the weekly TV Times paper. All of your family used to circle the shows they wanted to watch, and if they overlapped… you fought to the death.

    The General Lee

    The Dukes of Hazzard was our favourite TV series in the ‘80s… even if we did have to watch it around our friends’ house because our parents wouldn’t let us watch it. And yes, we may have only watched it for Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke (am I right?), but there was another positive to come out the show – our love of cars. More specifically, the General Lee. What a car.

    G.I Joe

    Back in the ‘80s, gender fluidity wasn’t a thing. So girls played with Barbies, and boys played with G.I Joes. This muscley toy was the epitome of man, and you didn’t really know what to do with him, so you just pretended to put him in your toy cars and trucks… because that was what men did.

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